Types of Cosmetic Surgeries that can Redefine your Appearance

Everyone wants to be in their best shape and physique. While some believe that working out can do the job for them, others turn to surgery and other non-surgical means for the purpose.

While workouts can help in some areas like skin contours or fat loss, there are some things like aging and wrinkles for which workouts won’t prove to be helpful.

For such things, you can always turn to FDA-approved cosmetic and plastic surgeries with minimum side effects. In the past years, the number of men and women turning to plastic surgeries has increased significantly. According to statistics, in the past 18 years, men who opted for plastic surgery have increased by 273 percent, and the same for women has increased by 429 percent!

This article will look at 11 cosmetic surgeries that are popular among people when opting for surgeries. But there are some things that you must keep in mind as a patient when considering this option, including whether you are healthy and fit enough to undergo surgery.

Secondarily, you must also keep in mind that some of these surgeries are non-reversible. Hence, you must have at least an idea of what you desire, if not the exact image in your mind. With these necessary disclaimers in mind, let us dive into the list of these popular cosmetic surgeries.

1. Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is done on the abdomen to reduce the fat of the abdomen area. This is performed to remove the loose skin on the stomach area. There are other ways too for this process, but the tummy tuck is the most effective among them all.

This technique is suited for those who were at one time significantly fat. If after losing weight, they now face vast amounts of loose skin on their tummy or abdomen areas, getting tummy tucks might be useful.

2. Facelift

This procedure was, at one time, typically used to tighten and tone the facial muscles. But today, the facelift has evolved and can be performed on small target areas on the face and neck. This is known as the mini facelift.

In the complete facelift, almost all the facial muscles are toned and tightened. The target areas are the face and the neck. Facelifts, often done using medical aesthetic devices like Etherea MX Laser can also help people get rid of wrinkles and have more toned and healthy-looking skin.

3. Rhinoplasty

A nose job or in technical terms, rhinoplasty UK or elsewhere is one of the most opted surgeries for the face. In this, the nose features are modified to suit the other features of the face and the overall look of the patient. All this needs to be done keeping in mind that the patient does not face any type of problems in breathing.

To get a Rhinoplasty, opt for a trusted plastic surgeon who has experience in the field. Masri Clinic, Birmingham, can be a pretty great choice.

4. Fat transfer

Fat transfer or fat injections are primarily performed on the face to plump up the skin and hide undesirable features. This is targeted on the cheeks, under the eyes, temple area, jawline, and neck area.

For fat transfer, it is preferred and healthy to use the skin of the patient’s body itself other than foreign fat cells.

5. Cheek and chin implants

Cheeks and chin, among other features of the face, contribute to the overall facelift and appearance of the face. Like the cheek, more plump cheeks and a thinner chin enhance the face and draw attention from the nose and the entire face.

A broader chin draws more attention to the nose. Depending on what you desire, you can ask your plastic surgery vancouver surgeon (if that is where you live) to give you a broader or thinner chin.

6. Blepharoplasty

This is a procedure in which the fat cells are removed from the eyelid area. Removing the fat from the eyelids leads to the eyes looking less baggy and heavy. This also makes you look younger and the eyes look more attentive. Those who can’t afford it or need a quick solution could take a look at one of those eye lifting strips (you could check the likes of lids by design) to help lift the eyes and make you look even younger.

7. Liposuction

This is something you might have heard about before. It is the alternative to a workout for fat loss. In this, the fat cells are removed from the target area of the body via surgery.

Since liposuction involves surgery, some side effects are involved depending on the area where the liposuction is performed. But it is highly ideal for removing large amounts of fat and for those who cannot do it via exercise.

8. Forehead lift

A forehead lift is for those who have wrinkly and saggy foreheads. Lifting and tightening the forehead muscles lead to getting rid of those wrinkles and lifting up the eyebrows and hence the eyes. This procedure helps in decreasing the sagginess of the eyes.

9. Scar revision

This is a fairly standard procedure that is performed on people of all ages. People who develop scars on the face get their scars revised to make them look less noticeable. This is performed by facial plastic surgeons and sometimes requires special attention for the scar to be removed effectively.

10. Breast reduction

This method is done on women who suffer because of oversized breasts and develop several problems and conditions. Starting with the physical conditions, they might experience back pain, rashes underneath the breasts, or posture problems. Apart from these, they might also have emotional problems. The solution to this is breast reduction surgery, which makes the breasts lighter and firmer.

11. Breast augmentation

This is a more generalized technique from the previous one. In this, the focus is on enhancing the breasts overall rather than just reduction. This is mainly for women who are unhappy with their breasts and hence turn to this surgery to enhance the features.


These were some of the main surgeries popular among patients. Since most of these are irreversible, you must look for a trusted surgeon for the task. And make sure you take all the measures to recover quickly once you’ve had it.

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