10 Natural Ways to Enhance Fertility

Nowadays, facing fertility-related problems has become very common. As a result, the path leading to parenthood has become bumpier than ever. Thankfully some dietary and lifestyle changes can enhance your fertility and eliminate the maximum amount of pregnancy-related complications.

If you want to learn more about the natural ways to enhance your fertility, keep reading this article!

Compared to medical procedures, people prefer natural ways of boosting fertility. These ways do not have many side effects, and you get several other health benefits as well! Stories to turn you on instantly might help if you suffer from something like erectile dysfunction, for example, but here are some more ways to improve your sexual perfomance:

1. Antioxidant-rich food

Zinc and folate boost fertility in men and women. These antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging egg cells and sperm. If men consume walnuts daily, their sperm count is likely to improve. So consume vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to improve your fertility and overall health. You could also get testosterone booster supplements to help improve your sperm count.

2. Heavy breakfast

Research says you need to increase the amount of breakfast to reduce fertility-related problems. It improves your hormonal balance and prevents you from infertility. When you eat a large portion of food in your breakfast, you consume many good calories, which keeps you on the safer side.

As a result, your testosterone and insulin are reduced. Both these elements trigger infertility. But always cut down your evening meal when you eat a large amount of breakfast. Otherwise, you may gain excessive weight.

3. No trans fats

You should understand the difference between good fats and unhealthy fats. Consuming healthy fats is essential for the growth of your brain, but you must avoid trans fats. This is because these fats enhance the risk of infertility. Fried, packed, and baked foods mostly contain trans fats. So, if your diet includes many trans fats instead of unsaturated fats, you are more likely to suffer from infertility.

4. No carbs

Women with PCOS are suggested to take a lower amount of carbs per day. This will improve your fertility and solve most PCOS-related issues. A diet with a lower amount of carb helps us lose weight, stay fit, and maintain insulin levels. It is also good for our menstrual cycle. So, cut down your daily carb intake and enhance your fertility.

5. Avoid refined carbs

The type of carbs you add to your diet is very important. You must avoid refined carbs at any cost. Food items with a higher level of sugar, soft drinks, and processed grains are packed with refined carbs. The list includes a few of the most familiar foods like pasta, bread, rice, and biscuits.

The worst thing about these foods is that our body absorbs these carbs instantly and boosts insulin and blood sugar levels. A high level of insulin causes infertility. To know more about insulin and its effects on fertility, visit Lifestyle Physicians. You will get answers to all your questions here!

6. Source of protein

Most people consume animal protein to stay healthy. Instead of consuming meat, fish, and eggs for protein, eat nuts, beans, and seeds to get vegetable protein. Replacing protein sources can keep us healthy and reduce the risk of infertility. Vegetable calories are also good for our health. Try changing your protein source and include more vegetable proteins in your diet to see effective results.

7. Fiber is good

Fiber maintains our blood sugar level and removes extra hormones from our bodies. You could also try various supplements to balance hormones in your body. They also remove the excess amount of estrogen from our bodies. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans are packed with fiber. Adding them to your diet will reduce the risk of ovary infertility. However, more research on this field is required. Consult with your doctor and make a healthy diet plan.

8. Reduce caffeine

Caffeine is directly related to infertility. Women who consume daily coffee face a lot of problems in pregnancy. So, you need to limit your coffee consumption to one or two cups a day. Altogether avoiding coffee will be more effective. You can also use some alternative drinks like green tea or fruit juice for an energy boost.

9. Iron levels

To boost your fertility, check your iron levels. Plant-based irons are more effective for reducing the risk of ovary infertility. Iron deficiency can cause severe complications before and during your pregnancy. So, always maintain a healthy iron level.

10. Weight

Bodyweight is also related to fertility. You need to maintain a healthy weight to stay fertile. Being overweight or underweight is related to infertility. So, stay active, exercise, and follow a healthy diet. One way to stay active and keep fit might be with the help of playing various sports such as tennis. However, if you’re not familiar with the basic rules and are looking for a play partner for the same, you could search online using keywords like ‘tennis near me‘ and learn about the sport with your partner as well as stay healthy without gaining much weight.


These are some of the natural ways to boost your fertility. All these tips are applicable for both men and women. So, if you’re not sure about your fertility, follow these dietary and lifestyle changes to get beneficial results. You can also consult with your personal physician and follow their advice.

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