Migration Centr: Repatriation to Slovenia

Why Slovenia is so popular for immigration through repatriation? Migration Centr assistance in Slovenian passport obtaining. Here are some real reviews!

Reviews on Migration Centr – repatriation to Slovenia

Migration Centr — one of the most reliable and popular organizations in the immigration field. Its experts specialize in repatriation procedures to EU countries, provide advice on all resettlement matters, assist with the preparation of documentation, and support with other aspects of relocation.

The majority of Migrationcentr.com reviews on the internet are positive. People comment favorably on the comprehensive support and personal approach of the lawyers to their cases. The most valuable feature that clients like about Migration Centr is the remote services provided by its specialists. This allows immigrants to obtain a European passport without traveling to another country, wasting time and money on flights and accommodation.

Repatriation to Slovenia with Migration Centr

Of all European Union countries, Slovenia is the most popular destination for immigration. The reason for that is the repatriation procedure. That state has relatively inclusive citizenship laws and regulations for this type of migration. Persons with Slovenian ancestry up to the fourth generation are eligible to apply for citizenship.

According to Migrationcentr.com reviews, acquiring a passport via repatriation is considered the easiest way to become a European citizen. Nevertheless, legal assistance is essential, as the repatriation procedure requires careful preparation of documents and knowledge of the peculiarities of the relocation process.

As described by Migrationcentr.com reviews, lawyers provide sufficient remote support for repatriation to Slovenia, making relocation easy for the client. The process of EU passport registration with Migration Centr is as follows:

  1. The lawyers provide an initial consultation during the phone call, analyze the client’s personal case, and prepare an appropriate immigration plan;
  2. An official agreement is signed if the client decides to continue cooperating with the Migration Centr;
  3. Specialists help to collect the documents needed to start the repatriation process. They check, notarize, and submit them to the Slovenian Ministry of Justice;
  4. Professionals monitor the client’s case during the digitalization process and provide the necessary information about the oath-taking ceremony;
  5. The client takes an oath and receives a certificate of Slovenian citizenship. Lawyers can also help with the registration of internal documents (ID card, driver’s license, international passport, etc.).

Migration Centr feedback also highlights the fact that lawyers can help to find proof of Slovenian origin in the government repositories. It is required to start the repatriation process. Searching for the documents in state archives always takes a lot of time. According to Migrationcentr.com reviews, experts can provide their legal assistance in this matter and speed it up.

Reviews of Migration Centr

The vast majority of Migrationcentr.com reviews highlight a positive personal experience of cooperating with this immigration company. By analyzing customer feedback, such positive qualities of its experts can be emphasized:

  • Always in touch;
  • Attentive to details;
  • Are focused on the client’s wishes during cooperation.

However, not all Migrationcentr.com reviews are positive. Things that immigrants find disadvantageous in cooperating with this organization are:

  • Experts don’t answer the phone after 6 p.m.;
  • Delays in processing applications on the website.

The disadvantages of legal services found in Migrationcentr.com reviews are generally considered to be superficial. People still appreciate the support they receive during the emigration process and recommend the company to others. Below are some reviews about Migration Centr, taken from open sources, to give a more accurate picture of the company’s benefits and legal help.

Migrationcentr.com reviews

The Migrationcentr.com review above emphasizes one advantage of cooperation with the company — free initial consultation. It helps to check the competence of the lawyers before working with them, which is a sign of a reliable immigration company. In addition, it appears that Migration Centr experts have provided the client with a quality service throughout the relocation process.

Migrationcentr.com reviews

From Migrationcentr.com review above, we learn how the organization’s specialists assisted the client with repatriation to Slovenia. Professionals helped to prepare and submit the necessary documents to the Ministry of Justice in Ljubljana, providing their expertise along the way. As a result, the client’s wish to move to the EU was achieved.


Migrationcentr.com reviews confirm the reliability of this organization, praising the services of its specialists and the benefits of cooperation with them. Although that immigration company has drawbacks in its services, many people consider them superficial and unimportant for a successful relocation to the EU. According to Migrationcentr.com reviews, people prefer to use its support especially when it comes to obtaining Slovenian citizenship by repatriation. As this country has a favorable immigration policy, moving there is the easiest way to acquire a European passport. Those seeking legal assistance in relocating to the EU by obtaining Slovenian citizenship are advised to contact Migration Centr and consult with its lawyers.

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