16 Best Proposal Spots in Dubai to get her to say YES!

February being the month of looooveeee, Dubai is bound to transform itself into a mush-galore. However, for those in a relationship who are looking to pop the big question to your one and only, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Engagements are special and every guy wants to leave a lasting impression on his lady love – whether this means sharing the intimate experience with your loved one or celebrating it extravagantly with an audience. So after you have spent hours searching through engagement rings and trying to find the right one it is then time to turn your attention to the location of the proposal. You can put together the sweetest proposal with some crafty ideas and use several gorgeous spots in Dubai to make it even more special. Whether you love the gigantic architectural wonders, the quaint parks, adventure parks or just somewhere to catch the sunset, every little place makes for a wonderful setup. After all, it’s all about expressing your love and promising to grow old together, isn’t it? So let’s get right to it!

1. The Souk Madinat for the water babies

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If your partner loves the beach, then what better way to include it in the proposal? Yes, Madinat Jumeirah is the perfect location to do your big proposal, while keeping it classic and extremely sweet. Thanks to such a lovely location in such close proximity, it just makes everything so much better.

How to do it? Plan an Abra ride on a weekend – don’t do this if it’s the summer or do it in the late evenings instead. You could involve the Abra operator in it and ask him to stop at the perfect spot to get Burj Arab in the scene. Here, it is important you make sure you or your partner don’t tumble and fall off because it is difficult to maintain balance while standing. Pop the question when you’re ready! Alternatively, you can also choose some fantastic restaurants near Souk Madinat. Some of the best are Summersalt, Shimmers, Trattoria Toscana, Pierchic, Borro Tuscan Bistro, Segreto, Ushna Restaurant and Folly by Nick & Scott.

Here’s how Jake did it;

2. Kneel before the Burj Khalifa

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How about choosing the tallest building in the world to make your proposal a statement? We bet they will never get tired of telling people the story and it will be a memory to cherish.

How to do it? Palace Downtown is probably one of the best spots to get a fascinating view of the Burj. Plan a date-night, and before you go for the meal, suggest a walk around the place. The staff would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests you make. Another option is to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa and do it while overlooking the entire city.

3. Nothing like adding an Arabic touch at a desert resort

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If it’s a proposal in the UAE, adding a desert to the equation will make it even more traditional. Instead of going to an actual one, pick a desert resort to make the experience smoother, and you can always indulge in a yummy meal or drinks later to celebrate!

How to do it? Bab Al Shams Desert Resort is one of the most beautiful desert resorts in all of Dubai. It’s a 45 min-drive and will give you the chance of spending plenty of quality time before getting there. Ask the hotel staff to help you with this one. You can do it at Al Hadheerah, their amazing Arabic restaurant with a true desert experience or pick a quieter spot like the pool-side or the walkways to make the big move.

4. Say it with flowers!

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Perfect for those on a budget, adds a classic touch, and you can’t go wrong with this one. Dubai has some of the best parks and gardens that you can take advantage of. However, with public spots, choose a weekday or a non-popular hour like the morning or late afternoon, if you don’t want a crowded audience.

How to do it? Miracle garden is perhaps one of the most beautiful locations in the city. It’s easily accessible and full of the loveliest little nooks. Take him or her out for a stroll, or better yet, pack a picnic! It’s the best thing to do in these lovely winter months.

5. A hot air balloon proposal to blow them off their feet (literally!)

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Ever wondered how it would feel to be asked to spend your life with someone when you’re flying over the world? Well, that’s exactly how a hot air balloon proposal will feel. In Dubai, this one is easy to do, and although it will come at a price, it’s so worth it!

How to do it? Balloon Adventures Dubai is a very popular and reputed brand dealing with the activity. They have a special private hot air balloon experience for couples that comes at a fee of 9,950 AED per couple. This one starts with a pickup in a luxury car, a private experience for just the two of you, and a gourmet breakfast post-landing, followed by a luxury one-hour wildlife drive. It is best not to give it away and say you’re just going for a drive, and watch him/her stare in awe as the day unfolds.

6. An aquarium proposal for the adventurous couple

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If both of you love aquatic scenarios, then going to one is the best thought for a proposal! It’s unique and there are so many options in Dubai that you can choose as per your budget. Follow it with a nice dinner or drinks.

How to do it? Ossiano at The Atlantis has floor-to-ceiling views of the aquarium, meaning you can dine in while the lovely sea creatures swim all around you. You can take them blindfolded, and just as they are jumping in excitement at the views, ask them the question. You can also wait until you’ve finished your meal, and offer the ring on a platter, instead of desert. Magical!

7. Skydive into a new life

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Skydiving is a much-cherished activity in Dubai. If you and your partner love adventure, it’s the perfect spot to ask them the big question. The good thing is that although it does come at a price, this will certainly be one of the most unique ways to propose and very difficult to resist!

How to do it? Skydive Dubai has some super packages that you can pick. Plan the activity in advance, and pop the question just as you land, while your partner is still trying to catch their breath. They will have a smile every time they narrate the story to someone. Make sure you map out the details like writing the words ‘Marry Me’ in an area that you will fly over and land at a time when there are no other people around.

Watch the below video for an idea,

8. Say it with desserts

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For the foodie couple, there’s nothing better to share the experience over than amazing food. However, if he/she has a serious sweet tooth, the very indulgent cafes in Dubai are the perfect spots to ask them to marry you.

How to do it? Tania’s Teahouse on Jumeirah Road is one of the most picturesque cafes in Dubai. With some dreamy décor, lovely food and perfect nooks, this one is perfect for a proposal. Go for a coffee date or a weekend breakfast and turn it into the most memorable meal as you pop the big Q!

9. Add some Greek vibes

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Nothing beats a lovely restaurant, a scrumptious brunch and some alone time with your significant other. It is also a safe choice if they’re afraid of heights or don’t fancy too much adventure. Greece is one of the most aesthetic countries, with its white and blue homes, calm streets and romantic vibe. How about finding a slice of Greece right here in Dubai?

How to do it? If you don’t want to go all out, and would rather keep it simple yet classy, Fish Beach Tavern restaurant at Le Meridian Mina Seyahi Beach Resort is perfect. The killer Greek-themed view looks especially stunning in the day, and make for the perfect breakfast or lunch setting to get down on one knee.

10. Nothing like salty hair and sandy toes!

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Dubai has some of the most wonderful beaches. From the iconic Kite Beach that has views of the Burj Al Arab, to JBR beach, you can choose among so many different locations. This is perfect for couples who feel at one with the sea, and a great way to make sure they have no clue what’s about to hit ‘em!

How to do it? Pick a weekday and go just in time to catch the gorgeous sunset at your favorite beach. You could either opt to do it on the sand or go to a nice restaurant or café; again something quaint, and not too crowded.

11. Say it in the sky!

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Did you know that you can propose to someone on a flight? Yes, this one is out-of-the-world (literally!) and will be something both of you will remember on every flight you take after that! It is surely a very thoughtful way of asking someone the big question.

How to do it? The Emirates’ A380 planes have been known to assist with quite a few proposals in the past. You will have to get in touch with them prior, to organize the whole thing. Plan it out for your next holiday together and they’ll never guess!

12. Cinema Love

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Does your better half love movies? Well, a theatre-style proposal is super cool and shows the level of effort you would put in making it perfect for them. This one is excellent in terms of keeping it as low-key (with only the two of you) or as extravagant (with your friends and family) as you wish!

How to do it? Vox cinemas allow you to book a complete 15-seat private cinema for yourself. Go for his/her favorite movie, or choose one that has a touching scene and replicate it in real life as it is happening on screen. You can also go the extra mile and change the characters in the movie to look like your partner and yourself! It all depends on your preferences and budget.

13. Use attractive props

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If you want something really unique, perhaps props are the way to go! The amazing variety of props today are as good as renting out a spectacular space, without the money of course. You can choose to install the props at the beach, in your garden or in the desert too. Not only will they look lovely, but you can also personalize them with your favorite décor ideas.

How to do it? Design Tuk Tuk is a fantastic company that rents out some amazing props. You can check out their website and pick the ones that work for you. There is a wide variety of selection available exclusively for the UAE. After deciding the props, select the location. Most of the beaches and places like La Mer often require prior permission before setting anything up. It is an amazing way to add a creative touch to your special day!

14. The Dubai Creek Harbour is an excellent idea!

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With mesmerizing views of the Burj Khalifa on one side and a surreal quaintness on the other, it is ideal if you want to enjoy some privacy. This one is the perfect blend of solitude and elegance and something that will be etched in your memories for a long time.

How to do it? With a gorgeous location like this one you really don’t have to do much. Take a boat ride to make the ride worth remembering to start with. Once you reach, wait until sunset and set the ring in their favourite drink or dessert for the best surprise! Or you could just reach for it in the middle of a lovely conversation, making it the perfect swept-me-off-my-feet moment.

15. Dubai = Deserts

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If you want to make your proposal unique without flowers, or water, how about a classic desert proposal? Well, the twist to this one is to do it late evenings or at night. It is a wonderful option even in the summers, as the desert feels romantic and you can enjoy the rest of the night with your future half without a worry!

How to do it? Start by planning a nice desert trip or keep it a complete secret by saying you’re just heading for a post-dinner drive. Once you get to the perfect spot, (you can even choose a secluded street) pop the question! They are sure to be awestruck with the simple and thoughtful location.

16. Do it at a beautiful Golf and Yacht Club

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If your partner loves some elegance and pampering (who doesn’t, right?) then the Park Hyatt Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is the perfect setting. Check-in a day early, spend a full day with some spa treatments for the both of you and walks around the property. It gives you plenty of quality time before the big day.

How to do it? Depending on what they like you can plan the day – if they love some activity then the golf area is a good bet. Or arrange a Yacht picnic and do it there. Or just keep it simple with dinner, drinks and the ring! There are a hundred different ways to do it at this amazing place and the staff would be delighted to help!

It is very important to know what your girlfriend or boyfriend loves and to suit the proposal to their unique tastes. There are so many creative ideas that can result in brilliant outcomes, and you could probably involve your friends or family too to celebrate at the end. Don’t hesitate to add in those special, intimate touches, so your partner knows just how much love and effort you’d put in for them.

Written and Researched by Nikeeta J

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