What does your perfume say about you?

Funny as it sounds, have you noticed, that just like dresses, bags, and accessories, perfume is also a great factor and says a lot about a person through the choice of perfume they choose to use? ?? Nothing is more memorable than a scent, and the perfume you wear is your second skin that portrays your personality. Just as Christian Dior Quoted ‘A woman’s perfume tells more than her handwriting’ and I couldn’t agree more! ?

Here are some findings I found that can also tell a lot about a person’s personality, but first take a look at the famous Michael Edwards fragrance wheel so you know which notes (Categories for Perfume)  you fall under because you don’t want it all complicated do you? ? PS: Michael Edwards is a Fragrance expert, author and industry ambassador, he is known as the “The Perfume Experts’ Expert”!

Now let’s see what your fragrance says about you according to your note on the wheel,

Floral Notes ???
Dominates the scent of flower

  • ‘Classic’ is the word to best describe you
  • Absolute sweetheart
  • Pleasant by nature
  • Strongest in terms of emotion

Oriental Notes ???
I find this note be a little luxurious since the ingredients incorporated are from exotic parts around the world, just like you (exotic) ?

  • Confident
  • Turns many heads
  • Exotic

Woody Notes???
Now these are earthier by nature and very sensual

  • Macho
  • Bold
  • Perfectionist

Fresh Notes  ? ??
Make up an extensive piece of the Fragrance Wheel by adding Fruity, Green, Water, Citrus and Aromatic elements to produce layers of fragrance.

  • Adventure is in your blood
  • Carefree
  • Fun Spirit
  • Energetic

Do you think the above actually fits your personality? Let me know ?

Written and Researched by Sandra Samson

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