How many InstaStory views does an Influencer get?

I was always curious to know how many views an Influencer gets on Instagram. It’s no secret that some influencers look for ways to increase their following on the platform whether they buy IG likes or do shoutouts and collaborations with fellow influencers there is a desire for their content to be viewed by more people. There is nothing concrete available online, nor a % of how many viewers a blogger must get on their InstaStory. Thus, I did my own research on this topic and I believe I found a benchmark

Let’s cut to the chase: I asked several influencers (I trust) how many views they get approximately on their InstaStory in 24 hours. Below are the Top 10 accounts I chose that have %’s relatively close to each other as choosing the 2-3 accounts that were way off made no sense since that would not really be a realistic benchmark I wanted to achieve.

From the above, I could conclude on the below,

  • Only ~6% of Influencers followers view their story
  • The more followers you get, the lower your % will be (exceptions will be there)

Tips: Increase your InstaStory views

  1. Show more of your life – Influencers only post their highlights or best posts on Instagram. All the moments happening in between is lost! Probably most of your followers are genuinely interested in what you do and where you go!
  2. Engage in replies – As much as you can, try replying to as many people who ask you a question pertaining to the story. Engagement is key!
  3. Plan your stories – This is hard to do but it’s not impossible. If you tell your followers you will post something interesting at a specific time, they will tune-in!
  4. Behind the scenes – I have noticed an increase in my views when I show my followers what I do behind the scenes during my reviews or shoots. Why should they just see the final and perfect product? Show them what you went through to get there 🙂
  5. Speak to your audience – Sometimes, it’s good to just talk to your camera, be expressive and show your audience how you feel
  6. Planned stories and Takeovers – Try telling your audience what you will do at __:__AM/PM. If it’s something super exciting, for all you know, they will tune-in at that specific hour! Additionally, if you can, or adore a fellow blogger, ask them to do an InstaStory take over! At times it’s nice to have a different face for your viewers 😉


  1. Why don’t I get the same number of views on all my stories? You will most likely never get the same number of views on all your stories! At times it will be sky high and most of the time just moderate. This is because, all the hashtags, geotags or profile/friend tags you put in each story helps increase the number of views you receive since people can view it worldwide (even if they are not following you). It either appears in their explore tab or they can find you while clicking the same hashtag/geotag umbrella from a person they follow. Get it? 🙂
  2. Why do non-bloggers have a whopping 25%+ viewership? Takes me to the point I made above. The lower followers you have, the higher the engagement rate. With influencers, most of the time we have spam accounts following us (from others bots). Additionally, if an influencer has a fan base of 40k+ it’s highly unlikely that ALL the forty thousand people log-in to Instagram within that 24-hour span (of when a story goes live).

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