Top 5 iOS writing apps that help Students get an A-essay

Some orthodox writers continue to stubbornly ignore modern tools that can make their lives much more manageable and boost creativity.

An iPhone in your pocket is a powerful tool that is your link to the world’s database and is able to guarantee you access to any information. Mobile apps are tools that simplify the interaction between users and the processing power of your iPhone.

We’ve put together a list of five of the best tools to help you get started writing better. Some of them significantly streamline the process of checking and proofreading your paper. Others can help you generate ideas for your writing, find the proper structure, and can even speed up the academic research process. Today we will talk about such mobile applications as Evernote, the essay writing app from EssayShark, Grammarly, and MindNode.

1. Evernote: Storing and Accessing Research Materials Easily

The research process might seem like wandering in a labyrinth, but with Evernote, you’ll have all the necessary resources in one easy-to-navigate area. Evernote is a standout iOS software because of its adaptability, which enables pupils to gather their study material methodically.

Easily organize your research materials, from articles and photographs to PDFs and voice notes, in separate digital notebooks for each essay and project using its intuitive interface.

Evernote is also great for capturing notes quickly and efficiently. It allows you to do things like take pictures of handwritten notes or book diagrams and jot down thoughts, which is impossible with more traditional ways. It syncs between devices so that you can access your data from any computer, including your school PC and home iPhone.

Finding particular information pieces is simple by using Evernote’s tagging and search features. You may save time by having Evernote search for you; all you have to do is key in the information you need to find. This powerful resource allows you to write and submit an A-level essay confidently.

2. MindNode: Organizing Your Thoughts

MindNode is a godsend for those times when you have a million and one things to do and no way to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. This iOS app has an easy-to-use UI that will have you making mind maps in no time. Its minimalist layout will let you focus on your essay preparation.

Features of MindNode were developed to do two things: increase efficiency and inspire originality. To create new nodes or link existing ones, all it takes is a touch or drag of the mouse.

Visual tags allow you to assign weights to concepts and arrange them in order of importance. Use the Quick Entry feature to jot down fleeting ideas without breaking your thinking. The program allows you to set up your nodes in a horizontal or vertical layout, whatever you want.

Better idea visualization is one of the “Mind Map benefits” that may be brought into the writing process. By reducing intimidating material to more digestible portions, it improves comprehension. Consequently, you’ll be able to remember more of it and use it to better structure an A+ essay.

MindNode makes it easy to arrange ideas and concepts. That being said, why hold off? Give it a try now, and watch your essay-writing process go from chaotic to structured!

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best friend of any experienced writer, and now this tool is also available on your iPhone! Most professional writers have already made it a practice to run their content through the Grammarly editor for a final check. Now it’s even easier to check your papers!

Don’t forget about the GrammarlyGO service, which will help you improve your writing with the advanced features of a virtual assistant. GrammarlyGO is based on a specially trained neural network that will gladly help you polish, add or proofread your essay.

4. Scrivener: Your All-in-One Writing Studio

Ever felt overburdened when handling drafts, outlines, and research notes? To help you stay organized, Scrivener is your all-in-one writing environment. It’s a well-regarded iOS software intended to help students write essays that get As.

By having all relevant documents close to hand, Scrivener Features are designed to aid in your ability to stay focused on your job. Texts, photos, PDFs, and even videos can be imported into your project area, ensuring that all your materials are kept in one place for easy access.

Manuscript creation is one of Scrivener’s most incredible benefits. With this tool, you may work on each element of your essay separately before assembling them coherently. These components may be freely moved around until they fit together like a puzzle. Its corkboard layout enables you to organize your thoughts into index cards that may be moved about to suit the progression of your essay.

Its powerful outlining function aids in effectively arranging ideas, eventually raising the writing quality. Therefore, give Scrivener a try if you want to write an A-essay that wows your professor with well-researched data presented cleanly and rationally. Its cutting-edge features make it one of the top iOS writing applications available since they cater exclusively to student demands.

5. Google Docs

The simplest solution is not always the bad one. Every writer has heard of Google Docs at least once, and many have already wholly moved to this fantastic web tool, abandoning the outdated desktop Microsoft Word. Google Docs is convenient, optimized and stores all your files in the cloud. That is, you can access your documents from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Google Docs now have an iOS mobile app that fully duplicates and extends the desktop functionality. Now you can use Google Docs from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget the built-in Google Docs services, such as a spell checker or automatic formatting tools.

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