Top 12 Hot Chocolates in Dubai


The Below is NOT  in Ranking Order.

1. Dip n Dip [AED22-23]

Dilution Scale: Not too thick or diluted. However, the ones with marshmallows tend to have a frothy top layer, making the hot chocolate thick.
– They have an amazing variety of Hot Chocolates too; do check their menu by clicking here!

2. Home Bakery [AED29]

Dilution Scale: More on the diluted side. In order to keep it thick and creamy, constant stirring is required because of the chocolate chunks at the bottom.
– They have raw Galaxy Flakes Chunks at the bottom of the cup. The heat of the Hot Chocolate keeps melting that chocolate making the drink SO GOOD!!! ?

3. Spicy Aztec Vintage Hot Chocolate [AED28] from Vintage Chocolate Lounge

Dilution Scale: VERY VERY thick (I could say it’s as thick as Honey). Ask your attendant for some extra milk to dilute it.
– Since this is a Hot Chocolate blended with Hot chili; ?? do not order this if your tolerance to spice is less. It was indeed spicy but delicious nonetheless. Serving size: Enough for 2-3 people.

Aztec Hot Chocolate

4. Pantry Cafe [AED22]

Dilution Scale: More on the diluted side.
– It’s an indulgent Hot Chocolate with warm milk & luxurious Valrhona Dark Chocolate Chips. Add Marshmallows or whipped cream for an extra charge

5. Starbucks [AED17/19/21]

Dilution Scale: I’d not say this is thick, but it is creamy and has a beautiful velvety texture
– A bit too cliché to bring up this brand, but the chocolate content in this drink, is enough to satisfy a chocoholic! ??

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6. Hot Chocolixir from Godiva [AED40]

Dilution Scale: More on the diluted side.
– Godiva’s hot chocolate is smooth, velvety and creamy. It is made using the Finest Premium Godiva Chocolates

7. Cioccolatitaliani [AED22]

Dilution Scale: On a level of dilution to thick, This Dark Hot Chocolate defines what thick is. It is SO thick, you can actually dip fruits in it and consider it, a chocolate fondue! ?
– Love the taste. Enough for 2 people according to me although it’s just a cup ??

8. S’mores Hot Chocolate [AED20] from Mo’s

Dilution Scale: Thick at the top because of the marshmallow and super diluted after
– The several Marshmallows at the top melt due to the heat of the hot chocolate creating a thick layer at the top ?
– For the price you pay, the quantity is fantastic!

Mo's Hot Chocolate

9. The Cocoville

Hot chocolate (Small): AED12
Hot chocolate (Big): AED25
Hot chocolate (with a Flute made in house): AED15
Hot chocolate (Bottle): AED80

Dilution Scale:  Thick!
– If this wasn’t for a Menu Tasting session, I would’ve lost my mind if I paid AED12 for the serving size (it’s a tiny cup). BUT… I could barely swallow my first sip. It is super indulgent and unbelievably thick (yes, it’s worth the price). Now I understand why the cup was so small ?

10. Angelina [AED39]

– This is one Hot Chocolate I actually haven’t tried but put it in my list anyway since I’ve heard several good reviews about it. Within a week this is guna be in myyyy tummy!! ?

11. Hapi [AED12 + AED4 for a marshmallow]

Dilution Scale: It’s not thick, neither is it too diluted. However, if you order it with the large marshmallow, it will be thick ?
– What I love about this hot chocolate is the “home-made” marshmallow. Homemade items always give a different feel to a drink! (according to me, they even melt a wee bit faster). I’m not a fan of marshmallows, but this one, I could definitely savor ❤️

12. Grom Arabia [AED28 – large]

Dilution Scale: We had to wait a good 5 mins for this to get prepared since they make it from scratch. The smell of the chocolate is far different from other hot choco’s I’ve had ? I assume it’s bout ~60% dark chocolate and the consistency is more on the thick/rich side ?❤️

Hot Chocolate Bucketlist

Have you seen this Hot Chocolate? Desperately want to try this from Long Story Short Cafe! Unfortunately, it’s located in Melbourne ?

AND THIS from Dominique Ansel Bakery ☕️☕️☕️

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