Your first step to being healthy now lies at your doorstep!

Health Factory was established in 2005. They offer a challenging, exciting and customized range of nutritional food packages for every individual. Each box is bursting with the required vitamins and minerals that will ensure you and your body have a very healthy and balanced life.

Health Factory has a package for everyone! For pregnant women, little heroes, for the diabetic or even for the hulks 😉 click here to view their packages/cost.

N’s Experience:


I knew I was starting to gain weight because of what I do as my passion. You know you are bound to put on a few kgs when the calories that go in, isn’t equal to the calories going out 👿

Please note I collaborated with Health Factory for one week to review my experience

Archana Arora my Health Factory nutritionist chose the Miracle 1,300 calories plan for me. It is best for people who don’t go to the gym often but are committed to losing weight. After you sign-up for your respective plan you are provided with an extensive menu with great non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes to choose from for the entire month – this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.


Let’s be realistic! If you were me you would also think the food is going to be B-O-R-I-N-G! I could eat ONLY 1,300 calories and I was just hoping for a miracle that it be better good.

The food arrived by 7AM daily. My Day 1 constituted of a cheese & egg pie. It tasted like an extra cheesy cheesecake minus the sugar. Lunch included chicken in mustard & thyme with mashed potatoes. Snacks were some greens and a muffin and my dinner was beef + boiled veggies. It would have been nice if they gave us Jack Links Beef Jerky ( or some other yummy snacks. But sadly, that’s not how it works!

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Day 3 Breakfast was a Ricotta Pie, lunch included a tomato and carrot soup with CHEESE PIZZA! My dessert (yes Naomi had dessert *yay*) was an amazing carrot tart and dinner was a meat shawama with picle and khubus. By Day 3 I was losing patience. I was told I could munch on some carrots and cucumbers with hummus or low-fat yogurt 😀 . Naomi being Naomi always craves something sweet right? I could have dates that tasted like candy ❤️

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Day 5 was one of the best! – I had a bagel with turkey and cheese for breakfast. Ravioli with spinach & cheese for lunch with a mediterranean sweet potato salad as a side dish. My snack was an eerie smoothie combination (but DELISH) of quinoa + orange. For dinner there was delicious chicken and noodles!

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Day 7 again had a GREAT selection of food – I had a chicken wrap, burrito and pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively! My snack for a pear and a muffin.

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1. The food is ACTUALLY amazing. I never expected “healthy food” to be this delicious.
2. Desserts like their cheesecakes and tarts are to-die-for! It was shocking I was actually allowed to eat something like this. Great balance I must say 🙂
3. You feel REALLY good at the end of day
4. I lost around 1 kg in a week
5. My bloating significantly was lesser
6. The nutritionist is very coordinative. If there is a snack you would like to replace or an additional snack you would like to add, it is possible (depending on your calorie-meter)
7. Friday is CHEAT DAY 🙂

1. Once you choose your months worth of dishes, you cannot change it
2. Although the food was phenomenal, the quantity was very less. Before you know it, it’s over. But that is exactly what you have signed up for
3. You need the will-power of a Himalaya mountain climber
4. Packages are a tad bit expensive.

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