Advantages of Flour Sack Dish Towels

So, you’re shopping around for towels and trying to work out what it is that is going to be best for your home and your needs. Kitchen towels come in all shapes, sizes, and sorts – so of course you want to be certain that you find the best ones.

Flour sack dish towels have been getting much more attention in recent years, and their popularity has increased. These towels have tons of advantages. What are they? Let’s explore them in more detail.

What are Flour Sack Towels?

Flour sack towels are towels that are designed with a loose weave, similar to what you’d find in an old-style flour sack (hence the name). This weave has been shown to have a number of advantages over other weaves, each of which we’ll explore in more detail.


First off, flour sack towels are not going to cost an arm and a leg to get. They can actually be quite affordable, and it’s really easy to buy them in bulk if you need them for a project or a commercial kitchen. Plus, because they’re reusable, they’re going to be a lot less costly than buying napkins and/or paper towels.


As previously mentioned, they’re reusable! You aren’t going to be throwing these out after one use! They’re great for the environment and these flour sack dish towels are our favorite for a reason: They clean up messes just like paper towels but can be used multiple times and simply tossed in the dishwasher/washing machine for a refresh.


You don’t want to buy towels that aren’t going to be able to clean up big messes, especially if you cook a lot or you have kids that often help you in the kitchen. Flour sack towels’ loose weave actually makes it so that they’re able to absorb and pick up more than the average towel.

They come in a lot of sizes, too – so you can buy multiple sizes and absorb as much as you need to, as quickly as possible. This also makes them a great candidate if you are looking for towels to keep handy at your business, as you can use them for a lot of different purposes and at different times.

Great Designs

People love to get creative with flour sack towels and, if you go online, you can see all sorts of fun and unique designs to choose from. You can get simple designs that match everything else in your kitchen, or you can also find custom kitchen towels that match your interests.

You can even find companies that sell personalized flour sack towels. They may be able to personalize the design, or just add your name to a design that is already printed. No matter what you like or how you want to do it, you can find some awesome designs that work for you.

Easy to Store

Storage is an issue in every kitchen, no matter whether or not you designed it yourself. Because of that, you may have some difficulty trying to determine where your towels are going to be stored. Thankfully, flour sack towels make that process a little bit easier and don’t require too much storage space.

The loose weave actually makes these towels much more flexible – which means that you’re going to be able to fold them even smaller than other towels that are available on the market. Some people will even roll them up so they take up even less space. Either way, you can get a lot of these towels into a small space, if that’s what you need to do. If you feel like keeping them near your wash area, get a wood glue and try a small shelve DIY to make space for your towels.


These towels are built to last! If you’ve ever seen a flour sack race, then you know that those flour sacks can take a whole bunch of abuse from kids and adults that are participating. Since these towels use the same weave, they are also able to withstand a lot of use and abuse.

If you take care of them properly and wash them regularly, your flour sack towels can last several years. You’ll just need to check them for holes from time to time and determine if they’re still absorbing messes as well as they did when you first bought them.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons that you may want to start exploring these as an option for your own kitchen. See what flour sack towels are out there and you can feel confident that you’ve got the right towels for your needs.

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