Do you have a “male” or “female” brain?

You can be a female with a male brain or a male with a female brain 😉😂

*Test is right at the end 💯😊

Technically if you’re an assigned female you get the “she” brain and if you’re an assigned male you get the “he” brain. Scientists have been studying the difference between the male and female brains for years. From what they found, early research stated that male brains are larger than female brains hence they were thought to be more superior. (Sorry if I triggered anyone there). Now, of course we know that’s not true. The brains on a male and female are relatively the same in terms of performing normal brain activities but are just prone to be better in some aspects for each gender.

The science behind it

From a scientific point of view, women have relatively larger areas of the frontal lobe and limbic system. The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for emotion, planning, creative thinking and initiating. This is why most women can plan out their weddings early and with utmost precision. And you got to admit, having some girl time where women aren’t afraid to initiate conversations and talk about their emotions can be a guilty pleasure for some women. Men, on the other hand, have larger parts of the amygdala and parietal cortex. These help with memory, perception, auditory cortex and regulates emotions. This is why most men are better drivers, like to talk about sports and aren’t as emotional as women. Hold up hold up!

There is another explanation as to why we have different brains and this dates back to primitive times. Men were conditioned to hunt and women were responsible for the children and their homes. This is why men could be classified as better drivers and are inclined to sports because it uses logic and their bodies as opposed to emotions and feelings. Whereas women love socializing and are great at multitasking and juggling their emotions. Furthermore, girl babies talk earlier than boy babies by a few months because of the differences in the male and female brains. I guess women have an excuse to be chatterboxes now?

The corpus callosum connects the right and left sides of the brain. In a woman’s brain, this is significantly larger and developed and hence women can react faster to tasks due to speeded activity in the brain. Because women have more brain connectivity/activity than men, they are prone to be more sensitive to touch, sound, taste, and visuals, relying more on sensing. This is probably why women tend to depend on clitoral pumping and similar toys for better sexual pleasure. Also, ever wondered why a woman can pick up those subtle messages and men never seem to notice them?


Scientists have been researching the male and female brains for a while and have not been able to come up with concrete differences. Even though the male and female chromosomes help shape the brain, there are always outliers. Furthermore, not all women would be inclined to plan baby showers and are talkative and not all men are good drivers or are into sports. Can one gender be classified smarter or more intelligent than the other? Of course not. What the male brain may have less of the female brain makes up for it and vice versa. What people should be concerned about in future is how our brain matter may be deteriorating due to usage of electronic devices and lack of regular brain activities such as reading, exploring etc.

But for now, why not try out this fun and easy test to see which brain type you lean towards! It’s not a silly facebook quiz we take on who your marrying the following year, etc hahaha 😂, I feel it’s quite analytical 😉

Written and Researched by Serena Sibi – a psychology student

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