4 Comfort Foods That Help You Recover

Nobody enjoys a bout of illness. Aside from the primary symptoms of any big that we might pick up, time spent feeling unwell just feels like the color has been sucked out of the world. This feeling can permeate into everything, affecting your concentration and your general sense of well-being. You feel pretty delicate, capable of little more than sitting on the couch watching something gentle on the TV, and not even enjoying that very much. And worse yet, it takes the joy out of food. You know you need to eat, but there’s not much pleasure in it. What you need more than anything at this time is comfort food – and the good news is that there are plenty of options on this front that might even bring a smile to your face.

Tasty, nourishing soups

One big complication of feeling unwell is that you realize just how much effort sometimes goes into eating. Sometimes, even chewing food can make you feel worse, and that’s why soup is a popular option for convalescing patients. Chicken soup, with or without noodles, is a classic, and the current ubiquity of Korean culture has made ramen a welcome choice as a quick snack. It’s also great for making you feel a little better – it’s simple to make and simple to eat, the noodles deliver beneficial carbs and the broth contains lots of nutrients that will put some color back in your cheeks.

Soft, sweet bananas

While the last few years have seen an endless parade of superfruits, from acai berries to antioxidant-packed pomegranate, the old reliable banana still has a trick or two up its sleeve. If you don’t feel up to dealing with the tartness of apples or peaches, the humble banana can do wonders for your recovery. It’s easy to digest, with plenty of fiber and invaluable potassium, and if you (or ideally someone else) can manage this homemade banana pudding recipe, it can even feel quite indulgent at a time when you really need that. No matter what ails you, bananas can make it better.

Hearty overnight oats

If you don’t feel like eating when you’re sick, then you usually won’t feel much like cooking either. That makes oatmeal a very useful part of your recovery plan. You don’t even need to stand over a stove making it, either – just combine some oats and milk in a bowl, put it in the fridge, and give it about six hours or more to steep. This process can be adapted to make it more decadent or healthy: you can use banana or strawberry milk for a sweeter taste; add a milky coffee for a little boost; or stir in fruit juice for the nutrients. A sprinkle of chia seeds can also ensure the maximum health benefit.

Simple baked potatoes

Potatoes are about as simple as food gets, and there’s a lot there to be thankful for when you’re not feeling your best. Baked potatoes take a bit of time to cook, but almost no maintenance. The soft flesh of the potato is comfort-eating at it’s best, and you can be creative with the toppings – in a recuperating condition, a healthy tuna-mayo is perhaps the best option. There’s plenty of nutrition in the fish, a warming bulk to the potato and a soothing feel to the mix.

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