Best place to stay for long-term business travelers in New York

New York City is the bustling capital of the Eastern United States, and one can expect a lot of travelers to seek accommodation in this city, so it’s only natural for people to be on top of things regarding where to stay.

New York is one of the biggest trade centers in the world and sometimes accommodations need to be made for the long term to fulfill the needs of traders or travelers who are there for business. Some want to create a new business within this area but want to scope out their business prospects first. If they are planning on expanding, then they are going to need to see what customers want in this location and what they respond to. For example, if they want to create a store, then they are going to need to see what technology they can implement, and if they Buy EFTPOS terminal machines, how are they going to factor that in? 

This is an important matter and any new traveler who wishes to come to The Big Apple needs to be thoroughly educated on this subject and has to make sure they have every resource necessary. For furnished and affordable rooms for rent in New York see this page. Finding an apartment that suits your lifestyle and needs isn’t easy, check out apartments for rent in Springfield

However, keep in mind to read the customer feedback before booking any hotel room. You might not want to pay the rent of a room that does not really provide a positive guest experience. For that, you have to check what the customers are talking about the hotel. When you read someone saying they had issues with double booking, you should know that the hotel might not be using booking system software applications to keep track of their reservations. Therefore, it might be better to avoid booking rooms there. Nevertheless, if you think that checking customer reviews of every hotel can be a tiresome task, then you can consider opting for one of the below-mentioned hotels if you are in New York.

1. The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

The Carlyle Hotel is well known in the trading world as one of the best destinations regarding accommodation for travelers and those who dabble in different businesses.

The hotel has elegant and luxurious rooms while also offering a great position near Central Park.

As it was originally built in the 1930s, it has a lot of history as well as experience with handling new people who want to become big in the Big Apple. The hotel provides you with 24/7 room services such as: security, spas, valets, etc.

It goes without saying that you will find yourself very comfortable and able to do your job at peak performance as you can choose between penthouses or different stylish rooms to enjoy your stay in.

It also is pet-friendly, so if you have a dog accompanying you, you can expect only a $50 fee for every night which includes: dog amenities, bowls, snacks, and walking services.

The hotel has a large meeting area for those who hold conferences and meetings while also providing childcare and babysitting services for their families, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your family will be taken care of for as long as you need to stay in NYC while not impeding your business needs.

2. The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue

The Langham hotel is one of the best and most popular hotels for business travelers as its position is in the heart of Manhattan, thus placing you relatively close to the major parts of the city, making your commute, and in turn, your job, easier.

Also, the hotel’s rooms are spacious and offer many commodities, with suites having their own kitchens and private, indoor laundry services.

Additionally, the longer you stay in the hotel, the more you save, as after 14 days of staying there, you get 20 percent off meals and 10 percent off laundry services.

There is a Michelin Star restaurant on-site and if you are looking for some relaxation from a busy day at work, you can visit the fitness center as well as The Chuan Spa that offers traditional Chinese therapies, facial and body massages, and more.

3. Beekman Tower

Beekman Tower is one of those places that is well-suited to handling and accommodating people who wish to stay in New York for more than 30 days but do not wish to rent an apartment.

The rooms range from one to two-bedroom suites while also having different types of studios for those who wish to spend their time in a workplace-like environment.

There are a variety of services the hotel provides for long-term residents that include: laundry services, continental breakfast, concierge services, fitness centers, and various floor plans. Not impressed?

The hotel is also pet-friendly and the rooms have their own kitchens and other amenities such as fridges, stoves, coffeemakers, and microwaves, while also providing you with in-room safes and vacuums, irons, and work desks if you want to take care of yourself and cook on your own.

If you want to meet new business partners or hold a conference, then at the top of the tower is a space called The Ophelia, a great and spacious lounge that offers great cocktails and even better views of Manhattan.

4. Fifty NYC by Affinia

Are you looking for a hotel that offers a lot of services, long-stay rooms, and has a great location that will make your commute easier?

Well, the hotel Fifty NYC offers all of these things and even more. The hotel is a couple of blocks away from Times Square, the theater district, and other important parts of the city, so you can be sure to get to any of these exciting places on time.

The hotel has large, spacious rooms while also providing you with a full kitchen and free Wi-Fi. It is hotel policy to offer 25 percent off for guests who stay for more than five nights.

The hotel is pet-friendly, offers a kids’ pack and it even has a wine hour for those who wish to enjoy themselves in the evening.

This is a great hotel to spend your time in New York while also working and the whole experience will feel more like a vacation than a business journey.

To Conclude

These hotels can provide you with the best accommodation for your business travels and knowing how stressful it can be traveling to a new city like New York, you’ll need every ounce of relaxation and stress-free time to make sure you stay in peak performance while avoiding burnout. The best part about high-end hotels is that you receive top-class treatment and only the best amenities, be it the mattress, towel, furniture, or food, to ensure that the stay of each of its guests is peaceful and comfortable, so that they keep on returning.

Having all of the available knowledge and information regarding hotels and other opportunities in the city is a necessity and this list will help you choose a hotel suited to your needs so you can be sure to be satisfied by the end of your stay.

New York is one of the biggest business hubs in the world and a lot of travelers visit the city for work, so you can be sure that these hotels have all of the experience to make your stay worth it.

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