How to choose a tutor for your child

A tutor is one of the best ways to ensure your child’s success in school ğŸ«, which will improve his/her confidence levels and help him/her retain his/her focus. However, the only way this will occur is if you are able to find a tutor that fits your child’s learning style and temperament. 😯

Before you begin looking for a private tutor, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. Let’s take a look at each of these to help ensure you hire the best tutor for your child. 👦 Also, consider purchasing end-of-year teacher gifts if you’re happy with the results of your tutor.

How approachable is the tutor?

One of the most common issues with a child who is having trouble with a particular subject is fear of the subject and the teacher. Rossana One, the founder of Ahead Interactive, reports that one of the primary reasons why students are unable to keep up with their schoolwork is the fear of a strict teacher. 😰 Fear can prevent your child from focusing on the subject, make your child second-guess himself/herself in the classroom, and stop your child from asking the questions that they need to be answered to succeed. ğŸ™

You want a private tutor (e.g. an IB physics tutor) that will renew your child’s interest in school and ease the fears he/she may be experiencing. When you find an approachable tutor, your child will not be afraid of being ridiculed or punished for not understanding the subject material. 🔚 The tutor should have an understanding of child psychology and use it to promote a communicative and healthy relationship that is free from fear. ğŸ¤-

Can the tutor teach the subject material?

There are tutors who may have the knowledge of a subject matter but may not be able to teach it effectively. Some people have a natural gift for teaching. This type of gifting allows the tutor to explain really difficult concepts in a manner that the student understands. 😯

For most people, the ability to effectively teach must be developed over a period of time. This developmental period typically occurs when the tutor has had several years of teaching school-aged children. 👧 An educational manager, named Llenado, trains tutors in tutorial centers across Manila. She has discovered the best tutors are those who are both knowledgeable and have the ability to make learning easy, fun, and quick.

Hiring a tutor does not necessarily mean that your child’s grades will improve. 😯 The tutor may understand the theoretical side of the equation; however, if the tutor does not know how to effectively communicate and explain it to a child, the tutor will not help your child excel in the subject. You must ask for the tutor’s credentials and inquire about their teaching experience. One of the best ways to do this is to ask for referrals from other parents who have used the tutor in the past. 👠You will also want to get a copy of their transcripts for verification purposes. Finally, talk with other parents who have used the tutor to find out if the child’s academic performance improved with tutoring.

If you already have a tutor in mind, inquire about their teaching methods and syllabus. A tutor who does not have a syllabus or defined teaching methods will probably not be able to help your child. 🙅 You want someone who has honed their skills and understands the intricacies involved with tutoring children.

Should you hire an online tutor?

If you need a more flexible schedule than what is offered by a tutor, an online tutor may be the answer. ✅ There are several reputable companies that use only top-notch tutors for online tutoring. These companies have tutors that will fit into your busy schedule. Furthermore, you can check your child’s progress online using your smartphone or computer. They tend to have a mobile learning app and websites for Online Assessment (how it works), classes, and training. You could ask about the various procedures they tend to follow for conducting tests and major exams. 🔱💻

The best learning centers will have orientation programs for parents and tutors. This program will give an overview of the teaching methods used and what to expect. The learning center will determine the areas that your child is having difficulty in and develop a study program to address these issues. 😯

When you are interviewing a potential tutor, remember that it is about more than the tutor’s qualifications. You must feel comfortable discussing your child’s concerns with the tutor. It requires you to work with your child’s teachers and tutors to ensure your child’s educational success. ğŸ¤-

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