The Top Parental Worries, Ranked (And What To Do About Them)

Some parents are able to swan through the experience like it’s nothing, never taking anything that happens too seriously. However, most of us mortals are different. We worry about our children non-stop.

In this post, we take a look at some of the top parental concerns out there and what you can do about them.

Screen Time

Number one on the list of parental concerns is screen time. Moms and dads fear that too much time in front of the TV or smartphone will rot the brain and prevent kids from experiencing a full childhood.

Their concerns aren’t unwarranted, either. Research is showing that lack of interaction with the outside world is having a profound effect on kids’ well-being. They’re not as strong as they used to be, and they’re struggling with resilience when it comes to day-to-day struggles.

Smartphone Statistics in 2022 suggest that the average person, outside of education or work, spends over 4 hours looking at a phone screen each day, and even longer if you include a tablet or TV. That’s a lot when you consider how it’s only been about 60 years since screen time was on 0 hours for the majority of people. Covid has also accelerated this increase in screen time, so many people are actually spending even longer looking at a screen than statistics suggest.

To reduce screen time, set limits. You can do this by going into the device settings and manually setting how long it should be per day (perhaps a couple of hours at most). You can also get regular eye checkups done for safety. Too much screen time can be a cause of nearsightedness. Doctors might prescribe eye drops like Atropine (you can check blog pages of Central Drug or similar drug stores to learn more) that can reduce the progression of myopia.


Before the pandemic, parents used to be concerned about the health of their kids, which is why they often ensured that kids follow safety protocols when they went outside. Oftentimes parents used to put a mask (perhaps something like kzd-6 protective enclosure) on their kids’ faces or taught them about using sanitizers every now and then. However, the pandemic has made parents frantic– they have become skeptical of small health issues to the point that telemedicine slots get sold out easily. Moms and dads fear that their kids won’t complete full development, putting them at risk of being disadvantaged in the future.

You can avoid this fear by taking your child for regular health checkups. Hearing tests, for instance, is something you’ll want to learn more about. These can detect whether your child is able to hear, even if they are a newborn.

You can also get eye tests and tests for cognitive development. By doing these early, you can intervene sooner rather than later if there are any issues, reducing the damage.

Lack Of Physical Activity

Related to increasing screen time is a general lack of physical activity among children. Kids just aren’t moving as much as they once did, partly because their parents aren’t either.

Many older adults can remember spending long summer evenings playing outdoors in the street or going to the basketball court. Unfortunately, that’s happening less and less these days as children remain indoors.

To solve this one, parents should consider setting an example. Taking kids on camping and hiking trips is a great way to reconnect them with the great outdoors and get them moving again. It can also change how they feel, elevating their spirits.

Unhealthy Eating

With so much junk being advertised to young people, it can be challenging to instill healthy eating habits from a young age. Kids just want sugar, fat, and salt – like the rest of us. They’re hard-wired to crave it.

Parents face an uphill struggle when it comes to diet. However, they can shift things in their child’s favor by eliminating junk foods when they are young and modeling healthy eating themselves. When you eat right, your children will naturally follow. You don’t have to force anything.

Internet Safety

Lastly, parents worry about internet safety. There are a lot of dangers online.

The best defense here is to educate your children. Tell them how to behave online to protect themselves from the dangers they face.

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