Can we reverse estrogen dominance naturally?

Estrogen happens to be one of the most vital hormones in the female system that influences body functions. However, you might be encountering various health issues due to estrogen dominance.

This is a condition where you have too much hormone in your body than the expected levels.

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to reverse this process naturally. Let’s check out the symptoms, effects, and how you can naturally reverse the adverse process in your system.

What is estrogen dominance?

A familiar type of hormonal imbalance in women, estrogen dominance, is a condition when the levels of this female hormone rise beyond the normal level. Estrogen dominance may be relative or frank.

Common causes and symptoms of estrogen dominance

In most cases, estrogen dominance occurs as a result of genetics, wrong diet, and your environment. Some of the other factors leading to estrogen dominance include:

  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Using too much cosmetics
  • Excessive weight
  • Exposure to pesticides or chemicals

Well, you cannot control aspects like genetics. However, you do have a definite level of control over your diet, environment, and lifestyle.

The common symptoms of estrogen dominance are mood swings, headaches, low libido, heavy menstrual periods, irregular menstruation, more symptoms of PMS, hair loss, weight gain, and troubled sleeping. You might also feel fatigued, experience memory issues, or experience tenderness or swelling or your breasts. If ignored, it may also lead to long-term fertility issues.

Reversing estrogen dominance in a natural way

Here are certain processes that can help you reverse estrogen dominance naturally.

1. Balancing progesterone

Balancing other hormones in your body, such as progesterone, can work perfectly. Estrogen elevation often takes place as a result of low levels of progesterone. It can affect different aspects like mood, fertility, thyroid, skin, etc. Try to balance your hormones levels by maintaining proper body weight and exercising. You can also try changing your diet and drinking things like mint tea to improve bodily function.

2. Ditch environmental estrogens

Avoid environmental estrogens such as synthetic hormones, plastics, chemicals, etc. Particularly, if you work in the kitchen for long, try to avoid plastics.

3. Consume fibrous food

Consume food containing fiber, particularly vegetables. The system naturally removes extra estrogen-containing fiber. This happens to be a part of the digestive mechanism of your system. To remove excess estrogen from your body, you need to eliminate the same regularly.

4. Go for supplements

Certain natural supplements are available in the market. These products contain concentrated compounds that you would generally find in cruciferous vegetables. The detoxifying effect of these substances mobilizes the extra hormone in your body. When you talk to your physician, he or she might also recommend supplementing your system with progesterone cream or micronized progesterone. This would help you in maintaining the progesterone balance.

5. Hormone optimization

Optimizing your hormones with professional care can work effectively in controlling estrogen dominance. With regular follow-ups, you can reverse the process naturally. Experts often recommend hormone optimization by Anu Aesthetics as the most viable remedy to get rid of this issue. The process is safe, and the results show up relatively faster than most other treatments. This is a type of hormone therapy that balances them optimally in your system.


Therefore, you can naturally reverse estrogen dominance. It’s advisable to seek proper medical support from experts. You may consider talking to a professional or reach out to one of the centers for hormone optimization. This can help you reverse estrogen dominance effectively.

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