Brunch in London


London is known to have some of the most exciting and innovative breakfast scenes around the globe. Whenever I am planning a trip to London, I make sure that each day consists of an incredible breakfast that will leave my friends, family and I with a smile. These are some of my favourite breakfast/ brunch spots in London that I believe a worth a try 🙂

– By Majdouline Al Deweik (follow her journey on Instagram)

Majdouline Al Deweik was born and raised in Qatar. Thus, she calls Qatar her home. She lived in London for 5 years while she was pursuing her degree. Below is a sneak peek into her life;

“I was 16 when I left home to pursue my education and study abroad in London- England. I rarely ate at home due to the sheer fact that I didn’t want to make a mess in the kitchen. I preferred eating all of my meals at restaurants or cafés. That was when realized that I have a profound love for food and the restaurant scene. I took notice of every little detail- from the foam on my cappuccino to the seating and ambiance of the restaurant. I made it a task for me to try as many different restaurants during my time abroad. Family, friends and colleagues were all of aware of the fact that I have tried a lot of different restaurants, so they would come and ask me for advice or ideas on where they should dine based on a certain occasion (Birthday dinners, engagement dinners, graduation dinners and etc.)

I was also curious as to what different restaurants serve (plating style and cuisine). Some restaurants did not provide images or menus to make people aware of what to expect to find and what the food was going to look like. I figured that if I was curious then other people must be as well. That’s why I started thesquaretable. I wanted to share my thoughts on each individual dish that I’ve tried at a restaurant, what the dish looks like and what to expect when you order that specific dish. I provide ratings under each photo because I don’t judge a restaurant solely on one dish. Sometimes one dish at a restaurant is superb then the other is a fail/flop.”


1. Nac

2. Egg Break

3. Duck & Waffle

4. Chiltern Firehouse

5. Tom’s Kitchen

6. Granger & Co.

7. Milk Cafe

8. The Breakfast Club

9. The Modern Pantry

10. Sunday Barnsbury

11. Brickwood

12. Lantana Cafe

13. Beany Green

14. Mud Cafe

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