Top Tips For Decorating A Kid’s Bedroom

Everybody needs a space that is theirs, and your kid is no exception. Creating the perfect space for your little one will help them develop and grow, while giving them a space they can feel happy and relaxed in. But as children are prone to changing their minds often, it’s not always to create a bedroom they will not only love now, but in years to come as they get older.

Take a look at the following tips for decorating a kid’s room so you can create their perfect space.

Consider what it will be used for

A child’s bedroom will need to be many things – somewhere for them to sleep, somewhere to play and somewhere to do their homework. That can mean a lot of things for a small space. An online room planner can help you plan your room layout, so you can ensure your child’s bedroom has everything it needs. 

Keep the base simple

A simple base is best when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom. This is because you will be able to change up different elements as they get older, without having to completely redecorate. Start with neutral walls and carpet, and focus on other elements you can add such as vinyl stickers and wall art to help bring the space to life. 

If you do decide to go for some color, try to stick to one wall so that it can be changed easily if needed. 

Add color with accessories

Accessories are where you’ll be able to bring some color and texture to your child’s room. Add color through bedding, rugs, curtains and other elements such as picture frames and decorative pieces like lamps. Adding in pops of color in this way will work well with your neutral space, but makes it easier to account for your child’s changing tastes. 

You could even add some color lightbulbs to help create a more colorful space. The best thing about this is that smart lights allow you to choose from a wide range of colors, so it’ll be easy enough to switch if your child changes their mind. 

Ensure there’s plenty of storage

Kids have a lot of stuff! From toys and clothes to school books, they are going to need somewhere to keep all of their things. Closets with multiple areas can be very useful, especially if they come with a sliding door to make it easy for your child to find what they need. You could also combine furniture such as beds and desks with storage to ensure that you’re maximizing the space in the room. There should be enough storage to leave the space clutter-free, making it easier for your child to keep their room in order.

This clever IKEA desk solution is a great idea to help give your child plenty of storage, while maximizing the corners in the space:

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Add some fun touches your kid will love

A kid’s bedroom should reflect their tastes and interests, and become somewhere they want to go to relax and play. There are some cute additional touches you can make to your kid’s space to make it extra special, including reading nooks and dens. If your kid loves crafts, then a crafting area can also be a welcome addition, giving them space to be creative and do something they enjoy. 

Remember to ask your child what they want to include, it’s important for them to be a part of the process.

Make it sleepover-friendly

As your child gets older, you can expect sleepovers with friends to become a regular occurrence. Having some additional space for a guest to stay over can make a big difference, so you might want to consider alternative bed solutions such as bunk beds to make this possible.

You can find plenty of kids bedroom inspiration to help you find the ideal sleep arrangements, ready to make a bedroom ready for sleepovers. If space is limited, you can always use a sofa bed or even a blow-up mattress that you can set up as needed.

Create the perfect space for sleep

The main function of a bedroom is to sleep in, so it’s important to create a space that’s designed for sleep, ensuring both you and your child get a restful sleep. There are different elements you’ll need to consider for this, including:

Ensure the bed is comfortable and the right size 

A comfy bed can make all the difference to your child. Choose a bed that’s the right size, and potentially one that can grow with them too. A toddler bed mattress should be comfy, while also being easy to clean in case of some night-time accidents.

Create a calming ambience

A child’s bedroom should be a calming space, so make it cozy with the help of comfy pillows and cushions, as well as blankets. You might want to consider a night light to help your child, who may have some trouble sleeping or a fear of being in the dark. 

Limit distractions

Try to limit distractions in your child’s room. Make a rule to keep tablets and other devices out of the bedroom at night and ensure items are put away before they go to sleep. Blackout blinds are perfect for helping your child get to sleep when it’s still night out, and hopefully help them sleep for longer too.

Make sure the temperature is comfortable

A comfortable temperature is also a must for your child to be able to sleep comfortably. In the winter, make sure the space is warm – a hot water bottle can help warm up your child’s bed before they get into it, while summer temperatures call for a fan to help make a room more comfortable to sleep in. 

Reduce noise levels

Noise can have a big impact on how your child sleeps, so if you live in an area where there’s a lot of noise, you should consider ways you can keep the noise down. Adding some extra soundproofing to windows can help, or you can try some ambient white noise to help with these distractions. There are different techniques to reshape a bedroom, which can help your child enjoy a more restful sleep.

Creating the perfect bedroom for your child may be a challenge, but it can be a lot of fun to design the right space for them. Consider their needs and how they will change over time to help you design and decorate a bedroom that will grow with them and help them enjoy some happy memories too. Get the paintbrushes out and get ready to create a bedroom that your child will love.

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