Are you as popular with customers as you could be? Ask yourself these 3 questions!

If you don’t quite know if you are popular with your customers or not, then now is the time for you to find out.

If you are not popular with your customers, then you may find that you end up missing out on sales and that you also find it incredibly difficult to achieve your true potential. If you want to find out more about this, then the only thing that you have to do is take a look below.

Is your site hard to use?

Your site has to be very easy to use. It has to be easy to navigate and it has to have a good level of accessibility also. You need your site to be as flexible as possible. If someone does not want to use their credit card, then they should not have to. You need to try and accept payment options such as Paypal as well. If you don’t, then they are going to cancel the purchase and then go somewhere else. It may be that you have to tweak your site a bit, but if you can put in the work to update it on a regular basis, then this will help you to ensure that everything is as it should be. It also means that the search engines are going to capture all of the right details for you too. If you want some help then remember, you can sign up for a merchant account here.

Is a sale possible?

A sale is possible at numerous points when you are chatting with a customer. It depends on how good your company is as a whole when it comes to closing a deal. Finding this stage can be difficult, especially if you have no idea what your customers are doing. A lot of them may be on social media, and this may be where you are sending your ads. This is great, but are you capitalizing on every stage of the sales process? If you do not have any Facebook ad notifications, then you probably won’t be able to deal with the influx of demands that a campaign like this brings. If this is the case, then you may end up losing out on a lot of sales as a result.

Who are your customers?

Finally, do you have any idea who your customers actually are? Sure, you may have done a lot of market research and you may also have an idea of the type of person who is likely to shop with you, but are you able to pinpoint who exactly your shopper is? If you do not have a policy when it comes to your customer data, then there is a high chance that you are missing out on a lot of profit in this instance. If someone shops with you once, then this may mean that they can count on you as a
company and they may even be willing to part with their money as a result. This might not be the case if you have no idea who your target customer is, however.

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