What is that one makeup product that can make a huge difference but make it look like you’re just effortlessly gorgeous? I would have to say mascara. Mascara can definitely give your lashes a voluminous boost with just a few strokes. With time, 2 other options came into play – Falsies and Eyelash Extensions!

Falsies can take your lashes from just being lashes to lashes that slay and getting eyelash extensions means you do not have to worry about always having your favorite mascara with you or fret about applying your false lashes on 😉

Thinking about getting eyelash extensions in Parker CO or wherever you live? There’s a bit more to learn about them before booking your first appointment. Eyelash extensions can be broken down into 2 types and you can check out the table below for the lowdown.

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Disclaimer: Prior to getting the lash extensions, make sure you go make up free to the salon. After getting them done, not to weaken the adhesive and help them set, you are advised to not get them wet them for about 24 hours. If you’re not sure about the glue, you can get a patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to the product.

What would I choose? Refectocil ANYDAY! 🙂

But if all you’re looking for are falsies, here’s everything you need to know!

With the plethora of false lashes increasing in diversity on the market, it can become overwhelming when attempting to narrow the differences and choose the best lashes for your needs. For example, what are faux mink lashes and how do they compare to the synthetic options? Fortunately, we are going to break down this information and explain the differences between the two most common false lashes strips available – mink and synthetic. We hope this article can help you make the correct choice and achieve your most beautiful eyes to date!

What are synthetic lashes?

The most popular false eyelashes and the most common ones in the beauty retail market are those made using synthetic materials, typically plastic man-made fibers. This type of false lash does not appear natural in any way because of their increased density and stubby ends. Due to the synthetic materials and machine construction, these lashes are thicker than the natural human eyelash with stubbier ends; therefore, there is a great contrast between natural eyelashes and the synthetic lashes applied. As synthetic lashes are created using plastic, the band will be stiff and the overall weight is heavier. As a stiffer, heavier alternative, the lashes are more difficult to apply (particularly for new users) and offer little comfort. Based on the cheap products and materials used, the synthetic lash is meant to be disposed of after one use or three at most.

What are mink lashes?

The mink lashes are created using real mink fur; thereby, providing the user with a soft, comfortable, fluffy, and more natural appearance. Due to the higher quality of the product materials and the lightweight of the mink lashes, the item can be reused for several applications. The fibers are much lighter and softer than the synthetic option, and they give a curl to the lash. Mink lashes offer a handcrafted cotton brand that is extremely flexible, improving the ease of application and promotes comfort. All strands in the mink lash brand are crafted by hand to form a natural effect that no synthetic alternatives can imitate. The fur strands are fine with ends that taper off; thereby presenting a lash that is indistinguishable from the natural eyelashes.

Mink takes the cake when it comes to comparing quality and comfort as a false eyelash option. The sheen from the mink offers a beautiful natural look, along with a natural curl from the tapered ends. In fact, mink eyelash extensions could be slim and fine and can be nearly indistinguishable from natural human eyelashes once applied. As the production process is unique, and high-quality materials are used, the mink lashes are available for several applications.


The saying goes that you get what you pay for. Depending on what you require the false lashes for, you may want to consider the cost differences outlined below.

Synthetic: As the materials utilized in the production of synthetic lashes are cheaper than mink, they are typically a more affordable lashes alternative. The average cost ranges from $10 to $20 per pair and is available in varying grades of thickness. Some of the higher priced synthetic lashes do appear more natural in appearance with the ends more tapered, but they will often look thicker than human eyelashes. While the price makes synthetic lashes a beneficial option, it may be worthwhile considering your total costs if you are going to use more than a single pair as they are meant for a single use per lash set.

Mink: By this point, I am certain you realize that mink lashes are higher regarding the cost. On average, the cost for a set of mink lashes is approximately $30 to $40 per pair. While it is a higher cost than the synthetic alternative, mink lashes are a higher quality product and it should be viewed as a beauty investment. Not only are you buying a product made with higher quality materials, but you will also get more than a single application out of one set of mink lashes.

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