How designated drivers are making our roads safer

A designated driver is one who refrains from drinking or getting intoxicated in a party so that he can drive the others safely home.

In Dubai and most of the other parts of the world, a lot of accidents happen every day because the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is why a designated driver is essential to make the roads safe places for them. Comfort Drive offers exactly this service in Dubai. Why do you need to hire one? Here are some of the top reasons for the same:

  1. You can enjoy your party

When you have to drive back home, you are not able to enjoy your party or celebrate with your friends because you don’t want to drink and drive. However, when you hire a designated driver, you can shed away all your inhibitions and enjoy your party to the fullest with your loved ones. You have somebody else to take care of your safety; therefore, you can celebrate responsibly.

  1. Reasonable charges

When you are caught for driving under the influence of alcohol, you will have to pay a heavy penalty charge. If the intensity of the accident is huge, your driving license may be revoked permanently in Dubai. However, all these nasty problems can be avoided when you hire designated drivers. It is most likely that these designated drivers represent a commercial fleet service that uses adas systems. As a result, they could have received all the training they needed with any vehicle. Last but not least, their services are only needed on days when there is a celebration or party; hence, their fees are quite affordable.

  1. Professional services

Designated drivers are very professional and experienced. They tend to undergo alcohol, health and drug testing ( before they are assigned to their clients. So, you can trust them blindly to take you to your respective destinations. You can relax and have all the fun at your party, while you handle these experienced drivers to get your group safely dropped at their homes.

When you hire these drivers, you can actually have your cake and eat it too! What more can you ask for? Visit Comfort Drive to find out more about charges for safe driver.

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