9 Places to Get Free Food in Dubai for Those In Need

Along with the deadly disease, the current pandemic has brought countless problems and struggles for those living in the U.A.E. With the loss of jobs, salary cuts, struggling businesses and more, many individuals have suddenly found themselves struggling to bring three meals to the table each day.

In these troubled times, the restaurants and businesses of the U.A.E have sprung into action to help those in need. Several groups have come together to offer and deliver free food to individuals and families affected by COVID-19, including the 9 below. Know someone who is struggling financially? Spread the word to help! ?

1. Tawseel Food

This Dubai-based food delivery app has offered to give free food to all those who have lost their jobs amidst the pandemic, or cannot afford to pay for their meals. The company believes that it is their responsibility to help out those in need during this time of suffering, and hopes to give back to the community with this kind act. ?

Those who wish to utilize this service can visit the Tawseel website here and place an order. You can also download the Tawseel Food app to place the order.

Contact: 04-3499561
Website: https://www.tawseelfood.com/
The Tawseel food app is available on Android and iOS.

2. Golden Fork

This Indian-Chinese restaurant offers to deliver free food to those who are quarantined and struggling to find meals for themselves. The restaurant wishes to show its support through this act of giving to help struggling individuals who are quarantined and helping keep the community safe. ? Individuals who are quarantined will be eligible to receive free meals (lunch and dinner) along with free delivery. The restaurant has also collaborated with Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) to help in delivering food, and are willing to deliver to any place across the U.A.E.

Those who wish to utilize this service can call or WhatsApp to place their order.

Contact: o4-2220007
WhatsApp: 055-1795805
Website: https://www.goldenfork.ae/

3. Bhaijaans Biryani

This Pakistani restaurant has offered to show its solidarity by providing free meals to all health officials of the U.A.E. The free meal is currently available for self-pickup only. The restaurant made it official by posting the following announcement on Facebook:

“Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), most people retreated into their homes to decrease their chances of infection. Essential health care workers, however, have done the opposite, remaining in the line of fire as they attempt to heal the sick and control the spread of the disease.

Bhaijaan’s Biryani Restaurant will be offering free meals to all health officials in UAE. REAL HEROES OF UAE. Come and Pick your meal as Dine is closed as of now. Self Pick up only.

Let’s all Pray for people who are infected with COVID-19 or facing quarantine.” ?

Contact: 054-4402003
Website: http://bhaijaansbiryani.com/

4. Kobe Sizzlers

Rhythm Arora, owner of Kobe Sizzlers in Karama, started the initiative of serving 60 free plates of biryani a day to any walk-in customer who is facing financial hardships because of COVID-19. ? She decided to do so in June, after learning about the various hardships the U.A.E residents are struggling with due to the pandemic. The restaurant offers a free plate of biryani, yogurt, and a drink to the needy at any time of the day.

Contact: 04-3700052
Location: Shop 6, Al Wasl Building, Zabeel Road, Al Karama, Dubai

Hazara Group

These 4 Pakistani restaurants- Mawwal, Dolphina, Hazara Darbar, and Al Fareej, have teamed up to spread the word that those who could not afford food could contact them for free meals. The restaurants serve Pakistani cuisine, and the free meals consist of chana pulao (chickpeas and rice) and chicken biryani, with a focus on quantity rather than variety. ? The group also uses certain parameters to determine if the caller can indeed be classified as ‘needy’, like those who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, those who have had salaries delayed by two or more months, or those who have become stranded in the country. The group also only deliver to limited areas, so you may want to call up and check in advance.

5. Mawwal Restaurant

Mobile 1: 050-1596599
Mobile 2: 058-580136
Landline: 04-5898473

6. Dolphina Restaurant

Mobile 1: 050-4430136
Mobile 2: 055-4483275

7. Hazara Darbar Restaurant

Mobile 1: 052-2130113
Mobile 2: 058-8202047
Landline: 04-5646006

8. Al Fareej Restaurant

Mobile 1: 050-1302034
Mobile 2: 050-9470272

9. Stop and Help

Stop and Help is a kindness exchange platform that connects helpers with families in need. ? The platform provides forms for families who are in need of food and grocery support as well as for those who are able and willing to help donate to these families.

Note: As of June 2020, they are only accepting families with proof of no income and with children under 6 years old living here in the UAE as a priority.

Click here to be matched with a family in need.
Click here if you are a family in need.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stopandhelpdxb/

If we’re missing out on any other restaurant, please let us know. We would love to keep populating this list! Thank you xx

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