Top 15 websites you can donate to, that helps India’s COVID-19 crisis

News in 2020/2021 is heartbreaking in general, but seeing how much your people back home are struggling because of COVID-19 is just next level ğŸ'”

I feel truly blessed to be in a country where I have proper access to healthcare services during this time, but it’s a whole different story for the people staying in India. We’re past the extreme peak that was last month, but things are still a long, long way from being over. Even though a lot of us may not be in India right now, we can still help. It is important to get medical supplies and other essential help to places like this, that is why there are websites like yes med as well as similar others, that can help with this demand and provide the equipment needed so we can all get through this together.

I’ve put together a list of places that you can donate to, who will ensure that your money is put to good use. These all places that my followers believe are trusted and recommended to me. Please do your own research before donating any of your hard-earned money. Every penny counts, together we can make a difference â¤ï¸

1. Hemkunt Foundation
Hemkunt Foundation has recognized the need of the hour and has started seva of Oxygen to COVID-19 patients for free.

2. Give India
Give India launched India COVID Response Fund-1 in April 2020 raising over 220 crore Rupees from individuals, foundations & corporations. You can choose from several missions to donate to – oxygen supply, supporting the families of COVID deceased, setting up COVID care centers, etc.

3. HelpNow
HelpNow is an Initiative by young students providing a safe, 24×7 logistics network for transporting COVID patients/suspects, medicines, phlebotomists, healthcare workers (docs, nurses), and blood/organs/medical supplies in India.

4. Khalsa Aid
Khalsa Aid has been actively engaged in supporting COVID-19 patients with Oxygen concentrators around the Delhi NCR region. Till now, they have effectively distributed around 300 + concentrators to needy patients at their doorstep.

5. MutualAidIndia
MutualAidIndia is a curated list of opportunities to donate for COVID relief. You can actually read about people’s stories and pick the exact individual you want to donate to.

6. Donate Kart
Thousands are losing their lives outside the hospital due to a lack of beds & oxygen supplies. With Donate Kart, you can donate valuable hospital equipment that will save many lives.

7. Mukul Madhav Foundation
Mukul Madhav Foundation is supporting marginalized communities, hospitals, and frontline warriors with oxygen concentrators for hospitals, ventilators, PPE kits for frontline warriors, and cooked meals for caregivers.

8. Feeding From Far
Feeding From Far is an initiative that has been feeding the poor and unemployed who are struggling to feed themselves during the lockdown. They managed to distribute over 17 lakh meals to the needy since the first lockdown hit through cooked meals and ration kits.

9. Akshaya Patra
The Akshaya Patra Foundation has stepped in to provide relief by providing food to thousands of people across the country. By adhering to all safety and hygiene measures, Akshaya Patra has begun its relief service by providing meals or packed grocery kits to the marginalized and low-income segment of the society comprising of daily wage workers, migrant laborers, construction site workers, and needy people at old age homes and night shelters.

10. Enrich Lives Foundation
Enrich Lives Foundation is making sure the country’s poorest communities have access to food, groceries, and medical supplies during these unprecedented times.

11. Calcutta Foundation
Calcutta Foundation uses funds to distribute rations to communities that have been most affected by the pandemic. Each kit contains10 kilos of rice, 2 kilos of dal, 3 kilos of potatoes, 3 kilos of onion, 15 three-layer cotton masks, soaps, and biscuits.

12. Goonj
With an in-depth understanding of the diverse needs of the community, Goonj responds through their customized approach. Pick the initiative that’s closest to your heart from their varied list of different needs.

13. Desai Foundation
Desai Foundation works with their team, organizations on the ground, and larger institutions to implement what is needed locally on the ground. They are also ramping up for the support that will be needed in the future.

14. Proud Indian
Proud Indian supports the frontline workers of the COVID Care Center by providing them with quality PPE kits, face masks and other safety equipment. They also donate several crucial medical equipments to government hospitals and COVID care centers, as well as delivering food to COVID-positive patients. Your donation can help ensure their safety in the field while providing quality healthcare to the citizens of our city.

15. Khaana Chahiye
Khaana Chahiye Foundation is a ground-up citizen movement that strives to fight hunger. They are a registered non-profit. They have successfully implemented a combination of technology and on-ground volunteers to crowdsource a comprehensive hunger map of the city of Mumbai that allows them to precisely care for marginalized groups.

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