Zeta Lounge – Zomato Meetup


I got invited for a ‘Fountain Brunch’ at Zeta lounge by Zomato, and I must say the experience was fantastic. You feel welcomed throughout your stay at Address Hotel from the moment you step in as the staff are super friendly, informative, polite, kind and very helpful!

All the foodies – including me, were absolutely mesmerized by the amazing view of Zeta Lounge. The Lounge is so beautifully arranged and thought of, they have normal dining tables as well as mini cabanas you can sit under and dine. If you sit outdoors (preferable) you would be facing the Burj Khalifa, fountains and swimming pool directly!

Coming to the food – I’m not such a huge fan of Asian cuisine, especially raw meat/seafood. Moreover I unfortunately dined at Zeta lounge during the season of lent which restricted me from having their non-vegetarian delicacies which smelled AMAZING (especially the Prawn Tempura and Chicken Karaage)! Nonetheless a few of their vegetarian dishes were equally tasty.
We were welcomed with amazing Ubertails – Raspberry and Lemon Grass&Coconut. The raspberry was too sour for my liking but it looks super cute! It had 3 big ice balls filled with fruits. I absolutely loved the Lemon Grass&Coconut Ubertail though. The alcohol content was perfect (not too strong). We were then offered some lightly salted Edamames and Seaweed Zeta Crackers. Both were delicious light snacks to kick off our starters and main course!

For starters we were served Miso Soups and Tofus. The miso was a bit too salty for my liking and the tofus were tasty. For maincourse we were given Veg/Nonveg Tempuras, Veg Fried Rice, Veg Noodles, Veg/Nonveg Sushis and Sautéed mushrooms. The Tempuras were delicious and were fried to perfection – I loved the sweetpotatoes the most. I loved having the sautéed mushrooms and veg fried rice together. Both complimented each other well – was tasty too! I really did not like the Veg Noodles, had an odd taste to it.

FINALLY – for Dessert (obviously the best part of my whole meal), we were served an enormous bowl filled with Freshly Cut fruits topped with mini bowls of Coconut, Mango and Raspberry Sorbets. The very talented chef even brought us some chocolate crunchy cake and Lychee, Green Tea and Chocolate Icecream Mochis!

Out of all the sorbets I loved the coconut one – it was quite unique and the chocolate crunchy cake (placed on a POOL of thick chocolate) is something I have not tasted before! With every bite you slice, munch and swallow – the aftermath is quite exciting. There are things that keep popping in your mouth that makes the relishing experience quite addictive (lol – you have to try it to know).

The Icecream Mochis on the other hand were very tasty but a wee bit disappointing as I have tried better before – in Dubai. Out of all the mochis I loved the chocolate one. The issue was, the outer coating (pounded rice coating) was getting separated from the icecream very very easily. Added to that, they should’ve cut each mochi in 4 halves as it’s uncomfortable and VERY messy to bite small pieces off from the rubbery rice coating. By the time you try eating it with polite table manners – the coating gets separated from the icecream that eventually melts the icecream, finally you’ll be left with barely.. nothing.

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