Weslodge Saloon


The bright yellow doors welcomes diners to satiate their appetite with an innovative blend of flavours and textures. Not only do the dishes at Weslodge reflect the eccentricity and passion for intricacy by enterprising chefs, they are even flavourful and eye-catching. There’s more that meets the eye!

~ By Arushi Naik – Guest Reviewer

Perched on the 68th floor of the world’s tallest hotel, an extraordinary dining experience awaits you at the Weslodge Saloon. Located at the prestigious J W Marquis Hotel, this place offers a unique take on Canadian cuisine.

The dimly-lit interior furnished with baroque embellishments and eccentric artifacts leaves you enchanted. Their lavish couches give a warm, homely vibe tempting you to think there’s a cozy fireplace tucked away in a corner. Unparalleled panoramic views from aloft this restaurant are what draw your gaze as you stride through Weslodge’s tastefully adorned chambers. Complementing the view was soothing music, identified in the genres of classic rock and hip-hop/pop, at a decibel that made conversing with other diners comfortable.

The staff serving us was cheerful, immensely insightful and recommended personal favourites when selecting options from the menu was debatable. Our server, Miss Rose, took the liberty to give us a tour of this luxuriant space that overlooks the awe-inspiring Dubai skyline. Certainly a #MyDubai moment there! But enough of the location, ambiance, lighting and music already! It’s time to indulge the taste buds in some culinary delights.

For those looking to detox and beat the heat with refreshing beverages, an exotic mocktail concoction could be just right for you! We ordered Scarlett Peach (AED 45) which delivered an overpowering punch of ginger in every sip and one that I didn’t quite enjoy. However, the Rainforest Sangria (AED 40) was a melodious tropical mix infused with lychee that was a slurped down quite quickly. Weslodge has an extensive and impressive range of wines and spirits for those looking to indulge in a little more.

Unless you have a seafood allergy, don’t leave this modern saloon without indulging in their most popular appetizer – Lobster Poutine (AED 85)! Poutine is a Canadian specialty where French fries are covered with fresh cheese curds and topped with brown gravy. I prefer the chef’s rendition over the original one as we were treated to succulent pieces of lobster and crisp fries smothered in hollandaise sauce. The fries were mildly spiced and perfectly salted. The Scallop Ceviche (AED 75), served with fried nori on the side, was simply delicious and tangy. Who would have imagined that fresh scallops and chopped avocado could blend so well under a drizzle of jalapeno vinaigrette!

Although the Weslodge Chop Salad (AED 50) was a colorful mix of veggies with grated feta cheese and dill vinaigrette seasoning, it failed to bring out a particular flavour. Everyone will tell you that leafy vegetables are amongst the healthiest and I’ll tell you that kale has never tastiest better! Kale is exceptionally rich in nutrients and supports the body’s detoxification processes. Creamed Kale (AED 40) served as a baked dish and topped with pecorino cheese was light and decadent. It was heavenly even if it wasn’t the healthiest way to enjoy kale’s nutrients.

There’s something about Southern Fried Chicken that is just irresistible! An individual portion of Southern Fried Chicken (AED 75) includes 3 chicken breasts and shaved brussels sprouts slaw in mustard vinaigrette. These succulent chicken pieces are special because they are marinated in fresh Laban, have slim slices of cheese tucked in the flesh before getting deep-fried and are sprinkled with tabasco honey for an unbelievably great taste! This creation is dreamy and its aroma is captivating. Must MUST try.

Hold your breath, readers, our tasting hasn’t concluded just yet! Mango & Sancho pepper flavoured sorbet (AED 10) was served on a bed of shortbread crumbs and marked with a dark chocolate tuile. Essentially, Sancho pepper is a spice releasing citrus flavour. The scoop was a perfect balance of sweet and sour. The Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart (AED 25) definitely looked appetizing. The pie crust had perfect consistency, however, I felt the flavour of caramel was too strong for my liking and overpowered the richness of the dark chocolate. I have two words for Weslodge’s Chocolate Fondant – MasterChef Dish. This is not your conventional chocolate fondant. Comprising of six elements, the Chocolate Fondant is a symphony of varying textures and temperatures mastered to create jaw-dropping magnificence. Soft sponge guanaja, tonka chocolate cremeux, micro sponge cocoa, chocolate streusel, caramelized cocoa nibs, and chocolate tuile were assembled on a plate with immense attention to detail. Undoubtedly, it was the most complex yet delicious dessert I have relished.

Quite frankly, I would give my dining experience a 9 on 10 and I’d sum it up in one word – mesmerizing.

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