Wakame – The restaurant that made me fall in love with sushi!

I – as you all know by now, never liked sushi. The restaurant that changed my perception and turned the years of dislike to LOVE in one night is Wakame! This classy, cozy and dim-lit restaurant serves contemporary Asian inspired cuisine with a stylish edge whilst sipping on innovative drinks hand-crafted from seasonal fruits and fine spirits.
Upon entering this gorgeous restaurant you will notice chefs working with the freshest authentic produce at their sushi and dimsum counters. Dining at Wakame will conjure all five senses since they have appealing combinations of textures and flavors, from small sharing plates to large plates and most importantly, their exquisite and unique desserts. Followed by enjoying the music from their resident DJ that sets everyone’s mood. I promise you, dining at Wakame is indeed an unforgettable experience.


Dim Sums – Opted for the ‘chicken & ginger’ dimsum [AED35] – the combination was fantastic! The taste was truly authentic and every bite is sure to melt in your mouth.

Small Plates

My +1 and I thought we could kill time by munching on some ‘Edamame’ [AED20] but in no time our ‘Peppered Beef’ [AED180] came to our table. These seared wagyu beef is accompanied with japanese shiitake mushrooms, ginger and lemongrass. The flavor and essence of truffle is very prominent with the mushrooms and beef – a match made in heaven right?
We then got Wakames very popular ‘Lobster Tacos’ [AED130] that had yuzu guacamole and salsa that was an absolute treat to the palate. Then came some ‘Wagyu Sliders’ [AED75] that was drizlled with truffle mayonnaise. You guessed right; I only kept wanting for more with every bite! The beef patty was excessively juicy and no doubt, heavenly.

For salad we opted for ‘Crispy Eggplant & Burrata’ [AED70]. I personally never thought this would taste good as it is quite an eerie combination since I don’t even like eggplant but I sure LOVE Burrata! This caught me by surprise and yup, I ended up loving this dish too!! Burrata + Truffle = YES!

It was time for the maki rolls and my heart did skip a beat. The kind attendant helped me out and suggested sushi’s that he thought I would like (10/10 for him!) I ordered the spider roll [AED62], tempura prawn [AED55] and wagyu beef [AED105]. I LOVED ALL 3! But the sushi that stood out was the torch maki roll. They bring the sushi to your table and torch it *put it on fire* in front of you!! This makes the vegetarian sushi warmer and a bit crispier #drooling.

Time for the Dessert… At this point of time I had to gasp for breath beneath my tight fitting dress that would pop any second. I gave it another breath and ordered 2 desserts like a smart girl I am instead of one. ‘Chocolate Match Fondant’ [AED52] was definitely my first choice as I always love experimenting with dessert. It was out-of-this-world! The fondant is filled with matcha and white chocolate and accompanied with tonka bean icecream. As weird as it sounds, my +1 and I cleaned our plates. Round 2 were the amazing mochis – included black sesame, adzuki bean and matcha. Black sesame was my favourite 🙂

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