The Act


The Act – created by Simon Hammerstein is a creative concept from New-York that combines the best of Nightlife, Theatre and Dining

Located in the 42nd floor, The Act is a whooping 10,000 sq-ft multi-level restaurant/bar that makes it the Highest Theatre Venue in the World. The interiors of Act is absolutely breathtaking. The Vintage Victorian Theatre surrounded by art, effortlessly matches with the beautiful velvet furniture and antique wooden flooring.

The stage is surrounded by a VIP area and dining tables. Additionally, private theatre-themed booths (located on the first and second level) can be booked for large groups.


As you can see in the video below; the performances were absolutely spectacular. The dancers (especially the men) got everyone’s jaws on the table. They were beyond skillful and are breathtakingly talented. Stephen the singer did not fail to give me and my plus 1 goosebumps with his cover of the song – Take Me to Church by Hozier.


Set Menu for AED450 per person


1. Yucca with burnt butter and Truffle – Basically a potato block topped with Truffle Shavings and accompanied with Truffle Sauce. Fantastic in taste and presentation was lovely.

2. Octopus Takoyaki – Tasted too fishy for my liking

3. Tacos – Filled with Tofy, avocados and ginger cream. Very tasty. Taco’s could’ve been crispier.


1. Potato Mash topped with Avocado and Tomato – Potato was very creamy and filling. Enough for two people.

2. Tuna Tataki – Topped with Edible flowers, almond and leek. Too raw for my liking.

Main Course;

1. Crab Risotto – Great Taste and Quantity! Generous amount of Crab. One of the best Crab Risottos I’ve had.

2. Black Angus Beef – Got it done medium well. The beef was topped with Potato confit and made with Red Wine. Fantastic taste.

3. Veggie Mix – Concoction of char grilled snow peas, boy choy, asparagus and wild Japanese Mushrooms. Hands down one of my favourite dish, I only wished there were more Japanese Mushrooms.


1. Alfajor Biscuit with Lucama Icecream – Didn’t have high expectations on this dessert but it was delicious. It was like an Ice-cream Sandwich! I could not stop at one unfortunately 🙁

2. Fruit Salad – It had pisco jelly, mango taperiba, pineapple and some black sesame sponge at the top. Aesthetically it looked odd because of the sponge but it tasted amazing! 😀

3. Chocolate Ganache – Topped with a LOT of berries. Very loose texture (not stiff), excessively creamy and delicious. Definitely took the Oscar for the night! :mrgreen:


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