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Got invited for a Zomato meetup here at Tea Club! There is absolutely nothing I did not like about this brilliant place.

Firstly, it’s got a BRILLIANT burj view! It’s peaceful, romantic and serene as it is situated near the Burj Park, the whole vicinity is silent and pleasant. We sat outdoors as the weather was amazing too.

Secondly, the staff are very very friendly and polite. We sat and interacted with the co-founder of Tea Club as well.

They were a number of things that I tried (most of the dishes were created by the co-founder himself);

Salad Bites – We had the Crunchy Brocoli Salad and the Roasted Sesame Salad. They were absolutely unique, delicious and very healthy! These mini salad bites don’t have vinegar added to them either, unlike other salad dressings.

Abra la boca hommus – This is nachos topped with hommus and mini diced tomatoes and onions. It is a brilliant creative combination of all. Absolutely must have. Nothing but delicious!

Almond Praws – These prawns were battered with their unique sauce and were covered with Almond Slices. It is definitely a pretty odd concept to think about but it was amazing. The prawns were super crunchy and nothing but FRESH! The sauce to dip in was very delicious too!

Buffalo Tidbits – These were just mini sized boneless Buffalo Wings.

Mini steak sandwich and Mini Burger – I usually do not like beef, but this one gave it away. The steak sandwich was absolutely juicy and had so much freshness. It is unique composed and made by the cofounder. You guys must try this.

Ravioli – I tried the non vegetarian and vegetarian one. The non vegetarian was obviously the better one topped with red sauce. It was DELICIOUS! It is a must have. They were big and fat (definitely filling)

Mushroom Soup – I loved the concept of getting the soup in a breaded bowl. Along with the soup I could even eat the bread. The combination was amazing. The soup was very thick, creamy and had a lot of mushroom pieces. This cannot be missed. Was absolutely sinful.

Tea – I tried most of their teas. Such as the caramel tea, chocolate mint, blue lady, etc. Its best to ask the waiter which would suit your taste buds the best. You would definitely not like a few. Your tea can be bitter, sweet, floral, etc.

Cheesecakes – I tried their peanutbutter chocolate cake and cheesecake, pistachio cake and cheesecake and tiramisu. I honestly could not conclude which one was better. Every cheesecake was absolutely juicy! Every dessert is even freshly made on house and has a secret tea ingredient!! The concepts are very unique and so is the taste.

Highly recommended guys!

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