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“Ex-Zuma Chef – Reif Othman’s very own PLAY

Zuma vs Play?



1. Grilled Edamame + Harissa [AED25] – Spicy, hot and delish! A bit messy to eat but I would opt for this edamame over the steamed one anyy day! {Perfect Quantity for 2}

2. Duck Gyoza [AED55 for 4 pieces] – Absolutely loved how this Duck confit DimSum was made. It was topped with a layer of crisp that has to be sliced evenly across each DimSum. Every bite had a juicy crunch and was super indulgent. A must have according to me 😉 {Sufficient Quantity for 2}

3. Pita Surprise [AED55 for 2 pieces] – Reif Othmans signature dish. How can you not order this one? Reif came up with this concept ever since he noticed people eating carpaccio with Tacos! This starter is made of Lightly seared wagyu beef and Truffle Butter!! Yum!! A must have if you’re not stingy for the night 😉 {Wee bit Pricey for 2 small pieces}

4. Elie’s [AED45] – This dish consists of an extremely thin crust (looks like a pizza) topped with slices avocados and green chilli mayonnaise. It was tasty but not over the moon. Can be skipped. {Sufficient Quantity for 2}

Clearly my +1 and I cut the chase and went to the Maki Rolls without Main course. Trust me that was a good decision. Just to make 1 thing clear – I always opt for COOKED Sushi over RAW Sushi;

1. 16/20 [AED68 for 5-6 pieces] – Consists of Ebi Tempura & Teriyaki Reduction. This definitely took the Sushi Oscar for the night! A must have for Cooked Sushi Loverzzz!

2. Krusty Krab [AED70 for 5-6 pieces] – Made with Crab + Hokkaido cheese. Super delicious and cheesy! Tastes a bit fishy but delicious nonetheless 😉

3. Crispy Crisp [AED62 for 5-6 pieces] – Roll of Crispy Salmon skin + Tamago + Chilli Mayonnaise. Tasted a bit too fishy once again for my liking. However, my +1 sure digs Salmon #lol!

Watchhaa gon’ do wiidat DESSSERTTTTTT [EAT IT DUH]. I’m not a fan of fruity desserts, if you’re like me ORDER THE BELOWWW;

1. Sneaker Bar [AED45] – Pistachio Chocolate Bar + Caramelized Pistachio + Pistachio Icecream. Tasted a lot like Snickers and this dessert was UBER BRILLIANT. I REALLY loved it. If you’re a fan of the above flavors, give this a shot! Definitely will be going into my list of Best Desserts in Dubai! *CurrentlyDroolingOnMyKeyboard* {Quantity sufficient for 2}2. Nut Consious [AED42] – Chocolate Fondant accompanied with Orange Scented Icecream and Cocoa Nibs. This dessert definitely has an element of surprise. I really don’t want to tell you guys but it involves PEANUT BUTTER. Did I just SPILL the secret… Oh no.. PLEASE HAVE THIS I LOVED IT. Definitely will be going into my list of Best Chocolate Fondants in Dubai!

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