Oushe ~ The Gourmet Bakeshop


Ever come across a “fast food” yet healthy “Gourmet Bakeshop” that creates food that hits the right chords of your body and soul? 

~ Before I proceed with this review, I must mention THEY HAVE THE BEST BROWNIES EVER!!! 

Oushé (pronounced as “oo-she”) seduces the sweet and savory taste buds of foodies by providing a fantastic range of desserts and snacks made from scratch, without a hint of preservatives or additives. They have a great variety of salads, bakery items, wraps and are even ace at making decorative cakes and quiches!

A little about the owner 

Reem Haroun – whose education background is economics and mathematics and then worked in a completely different field of communications and marketing… and now cooks and bakes. A lot of and’s there right? She is the definition of ‘follow your passion’! Never had Reem learnt to cook or bake, but now she is one of the leading ladies who makes the BEST brownies in town (and other savory goods, but brownies are more important right? Apologies). In 2007, Reem started baking for family and friends. After gaining a LOT of attraction she decided to venture out and start her own business 

Services offered and clients

Oushé caters for both private and corporate events. They have a stunning array of products to offer, such as sandwiches, quiches and salads as ‘gourmet’. Not only are the dishes deliciously healthy, they are NOT ‘heavy’ in the tummy only to avoid the “after-lunch-heavy-eye syndrome” during training’s.

They currently cater for a number of companies across Dubai, including Du Telecom, Chalhoub, Estée Lauder, Chanel, Emirates Airlines, General Electric, L’Oreal, MBC, Sephora and several others. They are even the main BROWNIE suppliers to Caribou Coffee and NKD Pizza all over UAE! 

The food and desserts

Click here to view their entire menu and here to view the kids menu

1. Oushé is popularly known for their “Legendary Brownies”. Being a dessert-holic, never have I tried such amazing, fudgy and decadent brownies (and believe me I have tried MANY). It only costs AED13/AED15 per block! You need to try it to believe me. Click here to check out my favourite brownies in Dubai 

2. Tropical Quinoa [AED33] – Consisting of quinoa, mangoes and avocados, tossed in a chutney dressing and served on baby greens. This salad rocked its simplicity and taste 

3. Tender, Love & Kale [AED36] – Reem does not like Kale, so what does she do? Massage the leaves to moderately remove its bitterness :-O it is then tossed in black-eyes peas, quinoa, red beans, lima beans, mangoes, dried cranberries with a ginger citrusy + coconut oil dressing. WOW 

4. Avocado & Cheddar Pockets [AED27] – Very cute presentation but found it a bit too tangy for my liking.

5. Red Velvet Secret Chamber [AED25 for a slice and full cake available] – This is one of the best red velvet cakes I’ve had! There is a honeycomb surprise hidden within the 2 layers of the red velvet cake. It is then covered in a unique frosting with a hint of coconut and walnuts!! 

They even have a Red Velvet cake that DEFIES gravity! It is called the ‘Red Velvet Spiral’ – this cake is not your ordinary horizontally stacked cake. Each layer is stacked VERTICALLY :-O 😯

Click here to see their decorative cakes!


Call +971 4 385 0011 or email any of the email ID’s by clicking here for other queries.

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