Mamma Italia


Mamma Italia ~ Making food like the mamma’s do, fresh from the oven, all the way from Italy!

Mamma Italia was created by Al Qubaisi Group in 2012 as a casual dining Italian restaurant serving homemade hearty Italian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, just like back home in Mamma’s kitchen. Mamma Italia strives to ensure that your dining experience with them is as homely as possible just as it would be back at Mamma’s, by catering to individual preferences, with the help of their menu that features an array of dishes fit for anyones appetite.

Food N ate

Pictures are in the slider above! 🙂

1. Cannelloni Agli Spinach Con Pollo [AED52] – Homemade oven baked cannelloni’s filled with chicken, spinach and ricotta, topped with parmesan sauce. A little expensive for the quantity served, but sufficient for 1 person. The dish is heavy on the tummy but satisfying to the palate. Fantastic combination – love the flavours. If you are a fan of stuffed cannelloni’s, this is a must have!

2. Pizza Norcina [AED63] – One of my favourite pizzas under “Mammas recommendations” was this pizza topped with truffle cream, truffle oil, mushrooms and mozarella. A hit amongst the truffle lovers – like me 😉

3. Norcina Bruschetta [AED43] – Two rustic breads topped with truffle cream, brie cheese, mushrooms and truffle oil, served with a salad. A favourite starter in my books since I’m a huge fan of truffle. This dish was light, had a very powerful taste and isn’t suitable for people who don’t like truffle.

4. Calzone Prosciutto e Fungi [AED48] – Basically a folded pizza (a pocket) stuffed with tomato sauce, mozzarella, turkey, mushrooms and basil. Quite messy to eat but delicious to another level as all the filling is lump some with excessive cheese! Sufficient for 3 😉

5. Ravioli [AED52] – Ravioli filled with mushrooms and sautéed spinach served with white sauce and truffle butter. A very simple and tasty dish, but nothing extraordinary.

Desserts N gorged on

1. Ferrero Rocher Bomb [AED25] – A dome shaped cake stuffed with a lot of nutella. Definitely one of the best #Nutella based desserts (only if it’s heated for a few seconds before consumption). Along with a scoop of the Gelato Divino ice-cream, this warm dome is phenomenal!

2. Tiramisu [AED25] – Never indulged in such a strong Tiramisu in ages. It (for real) kept me awake the whole night #LOL! It was less cream based and more ‘lady finger’ biscuit based. I like my tiramisu strong and this was just it 😉

3. Dark/White Chocolate Fondant [AED25] – Aesthetically they were not pleasing but were tasty. Not the best I’ve had but definitely on the good side. If I had to choose, I’d opt for the white chocolate fondant. Tastes a lot like a Milkybar fondant 😉

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