LOGMA – لقمة [Arabic for “mouthful”] is one of my most favourite restaurant/café in Dubai that offers rich Emirati cuisine at supper affordable prices

There are several reasons why I recommend this place to literally any tourist, friend or follower who asks me where they can find Emirati cuisine.

1. It is centrally located at Boxpark Dubai – one of the most happening places in town. Getting good food + ambiance + fantastic hospitality, what more would you possibly need for a great experience?
2. Be it the lantern lights, cutlery or even the wallpaper; Logma gives you the whole feels that you are eating amidst Middle Eastern era!
3. Pocket-friendly – They are super affordable according to me for what they delivery. LOGMA is very generous in the quantity and do not compensate it with quality whatsoever.
4. To the Indians – Emirati cuisine has a slight Asian feel to it as well! When I got invited here for a tasting I knew I’d be stepping out with a very heavy stomach.
Come on guys, if Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Fazza) visited it, there must be something special right 😉 ?

Kicked off the tasting with a Logma Shake and a Berry Blast. Like all refreshing mocktails and drinks, these were no less. They tasted delicious and was a great welcome to the rest of the meals.


Logma Fries: This is a MUST have! The logma fries are extremely crispy (something that is not easy to find in all restaurants) and is bursting with flavours! As soon as it comes your table, your vicinity will be surrounded by its tempting aroma. These fries are Logmas specialty and is loaded with various Khaleeji spices and herbs that will always keep you only wanting for more. PS: Let me warn you, these are SUPER addictive. The quantity is enough for atleast 2-3 people or 1 Naomi 🙂

Cheese Samosa: These Samosas are filled with CREAM CHEESE and SPICY OMAN CHIPS! I just drooled as I typed that by the way. I don’t think I need to explain more on how delicious these samosas were! Filled with a lot of indulgent calories and flavours this spicy-cheese combination was pretty darn fantastic. The outer coating does justice the whole samosa as they are very crispy and not soggy one bit (another reason to dive into these)

Shakshouka: It is a dish made of Poached eggs, spicy tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese. It had spice, it had flavor and it had eggs! This is my favourite breakfast option 🙂 You can also get it with beef 😉

SALADS – To make yourself feel less guilty on the food sins you’re about to commit, Logma has added a fantastic variety of salads that are loaded with anything under the sun that is considered healthy 😛 They make it fresh upon every order and once again do not compromise on tasty, quality and quantity.

SANDWICHES – I tried Logmas Beef and Chicken Sandwiches. I loved the chicken way more as I’m a bit biased when it comes to chicken over any other meat in general. The sandwiches are stuffed with a LOT of meat. Having a small appetite, this filled me up quite a bit and for any body builder, this sandwich would be all the carbs and protein he be wantin’ for!

RICE DISHES – This is where the palates can conflict depending on the country you are from. As an Indian, I LOVE spicy rice dishes. Indian pulao’s or biryani’s have a lot of spices and herbs whereas the Emiratis don’t prefer that much. These rice dishes were delicious but I would’ve loved it spicier 😉

DESSERTS – After having such top notch dishes it is hard to deliver the same when it comes to desserts. But here it is a win-win situation. You MUST keep space for their desserts.

1. Date Pudding (ask your attendant to heat it for 10 seconds before serving it to you): This semi-soft sticky date pudding is extremely rich in flavour. The marriage of dates and toffee is phenomenal. If you are a fan of dates, I suggest you get this 😉

2. Chebab Katayef: This Crisp Chebab Pancake is filled with dates, mascarpone, saffron, cardamom syrup and is accompanied with some vanilla icecream. I could not have more than one bite of this dessert. It is EXCESSIVELY rich in flavour and then they top it off with very very thick syrup that has the consistency of honey. This is one of the richest Arabic desserts I’ve had. It was definitely tasty but also a new experience for my palate 😛

3. Lugaimat: Who has not had Lugaimat? This is one of the most famous traditional Emirati desserts! Not as rich as the Chebab, but definitely rich. They make it as perfect as it could get. One Lugaimat is definitely not enough to keep you satisfied especially if you have it with Nutella.

4. Karak Chai and Date Icecream: I absolutely loved these icecream scoops, dates being my favourite! I even adored this combination although it did seem weird before it came to my table. The Karak flavor was surprisingly way too evident; it was like having chilled frozen karak chai 😛

5. Rahash Fondant: This is definitely one of the best fondants I’ve ever had! It is not too sweet as it is composed of dark chocolate and better yet, it is topped with rahash! If you are a chocolate lover, you cannot leave without having this one.

9. Kunafa: Hands down one of the best Kunafas I’ve had. This baked Kunafa is not oily neither is it excessively greasy even though it has enough cheese in it to satisfy it. It has a crisp exterior whereas a warm, gooey and stretchy centre. Better yet, it is accompanied with ice-cream! 😀

10. Karak Crème Brulee: Never have I heard of tried such a unique combination in a crème brulee! Hats off to the chef for acing the karak custard filling under the brittle burnt caramelized layer!

Few snippets from N’s Instagram

LOOK at all that CHICKEN in my Chicken Sandwich @LogmaUAE Tasting Session once again #HighInProtein

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