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Jodhpur ~ The Latest Pin on Dubai’s Culinary Map. This restaurant is officially in my list of Top 5 best Indian Restaurants in Dubai!

Jodhpur opened its doors just in January 2016 with the aim of curating the Indian cuisine only to take you down to your childhood memory lane. Located at the distinctive Al Murooj Rotana Hotel near Downtown Dubai, Jodhpur is a fine dining Indian restaurant that has the ability to make diners lick their plate clean at the end of their meal. I am so glad I got invited to this restaurant by Chef Pradeep, Chef Triptpal Gandhi and the PR Agency behind this restaurant! 🙂

With the food and beverage industry constantly modifying itself to impress customers, the essence of authentic Indian cuisine is starting to get lost in this process. Jodhpur is one restaurant where I could not find a single flaw in any dish I tried – be it the taste or the presentation! 😮 Quite often, especially at Indian restaurants, it is either the food OR the interiors that are phenomenal. However, at Jodhpur, you will find them ace at their game in both the fields ✌️

Upon entering Jodhpur, you will observe warm tones of green, turquoise and gold smeared across the thick pillars equally spaced around the restaurant. The sober coloured white curtains with gold undertones sets a mood while dining at the dim-lit two-storey 100-seater restaurant 

Under the guidance of talented Executive Chef Pradeep Khullar, Jodhpur recreates some of India’s beloved dishes with multiple textures and the layering of flavours in the most clever way. Chef Khullar even stated, “At Jodhpur, I want to take all my diners on a retro-innovative journey with my food. My recipes are inspired by some of the delicious dishes I have grown up eating and I have given them my own spin by adding some global textures and ingredients.” 

Food N ate

The below dishes are a part of the Ramadan set menu that costs AED125 per person (includes 1 starter, 1 main course  and 1 dessert per person – even includes biryani, kulcha basket, etc). All the dishes below are exclusively in the Ramdan menu ONLY, except for the Tandoori Portobello.

Pictures are in the slider above! 🙂

1. Kataifi Dates (pre-starter) – Break your fast with seedless dates stuffed with caramelized pistachios, pinenuts and almonds, lying on a bed of kataifi (more like dried and crisp vermicelli) topped with icing sugar! A+ for presentation and taste.

2. Jeera Khari biscuit with herb yogurt (pre-starter) – This dish took me down to memory lane where I remembered my dad munching on flaky Khara with tea. Chef Pradeep paired this fantastic khara biscuit (Indian puff pastry) with an amazing herb yogurt that was quite thick in consistency. Making the whole dish more rich!

3. Macaron chaat (amuse-bouche) – One of the best and most unique amuse bouche I’ve had! I absolutely loved the burst of chaat flavor with your first bite followed by the macaron leaving a prominent sweet after taste. Definitely my favourite – I got a second round of this 😉

4. Chicken and Chestnut Kulcha (starter) – This buttery and decadent chicken is cooked with chestnuts, sumac laban and caramelized onions and is finally stuffed in a breaded pocket. The taste was BRILLIANT! It had a feel of ‘butter chicken’ to it but was way more than that! The texture was rich and flavor was phenomenal!! 

5. Laban and Ricotta kabab with rose (starter) – This fantastic ball of ricotta cheese was dusted with rose. The combination seemed eerie to me but the taste was quite addictive in taste. You will feel the sweetness of the ricotta as well as taste the dried rose! 

6. Beef short ribs (starter) – Not a fan of beef in general, but, I do appreciate good cooked beef! This was definitely one of ’em as it had a great touch of aam papad glaze, red chilly paste, garlic and a dash of tamarind! 😉

7. Lamb Shank Nihari with 23 carat gold (main-course) – The lamb is slow cooked in an air tight vessel for 24 hours before being served. Thus, the meat slides off the bone effortlessly! Not being a fan of lamb in general; I surprisingly loved this dish. The meat was succulent and delicious!! 

8. Chicken Tikka Biryani (main-course) – One of the best Biryanis I’ve had. Fantastic and authentic flavor!

9. Pav Bhaji (main-course) – Never have I seen a simple Pav Bhaji ‘plated’. This seemed more like a ‘Pav Bhaji’ fondue as the buttered mini pavs (i.e. bread) were in wooden skewers. The flavor of the bhaji was classic! Beautiful concoction of cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, beans and other veggies 🙂

10. Tandoori Portobellos [AED75 for 2 big pieces sliced into half = 4 pieces] – The mushroom has a hint of garlic and is topped with parmesan crumble and a lot of truffle sand. The flavor and aroma of truffle is breathtakingly overpowering. Being a fan of truffle this dish won my heart!

11. Rasmalai (dessert) – These soft cushions tasted just like normal classic rasmalais, however, this even had crisp kataifi that serves as a ‘crunch factor’ 😛 The presentation was beauts – the saffron milk bed was covered in beautiful crystallized strawberries that added a beautiful contrast to the dessert 

12. Kesar Kulfi Sticks (dessert) – I strongly believe this should even be available in the a la carte menu as I loved it! These sticks aren’t purchased ‘ready-made’. They make it in house and the kulfi could not taste more homely ❤️

13. Aam Papad (dessert) – These jelly-like wide strings tasted a LOT like the Maaza Mango Juice I used to have when I was young. Haha I absolutely loved the sweet n’ salty flavor in this one!! 

Restaurant Information

1. Open for lunch from 11am to 3pm and dinner during the hours of 7pm to midnight
2. The restaurant offers outdoor poolside seating that is a fantastic and ideal option in the winter months


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