Hummingbird Bakery ~ Tea Time


Humming Bird Bakery – Dubai’s premium American-style bakery is paying homage to one of the UKs oldest traditions as it launches an ‘Afternoon Tea’ for two! ☕️

In 2004, The Hummingbird Bakery first opened its doors for business in West London’s fashionable Notting Hill when cupcakes were virtually unheard of. As of today, Hummingbird has 6 branches across London and is widely regarded as UK’s leading American-style bakery. They also have 3 branches in Dubai and are planning on opening more branches across the Middle East. Hummingbird Bakery is popularly known for baking in the traditional way daily and on-site, meaning that visitors to the bakery can enjoy the rich baking smells of fresh cake batter as soon as it rises.

Additionally, customers can now take advantage of Hummingbird Bakery’s home and office delivery for those special occasions or simply when in need of cake. Hummingbird Bakery’s delivery service runs seven days a week from 10am-8pm, and can fulfil orders within 24 hours. You can even order online at

‘Afternoon Tea’ has been a ritual all over the world since the 19th century. People in Dubai now have the opportunity to enjoy the same with a Hummingbird Bakery twist at the most astonishing and affordable rate!

Your ‘tea time’ will include Hummingbird Bakery’s top-selling products such as the legendary Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, mini cupcakes, brownies, cookies and a lemon loaf, alongside a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Two of you can enjoy all this only for AED49 at Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates daily between 3PM-6PM (after Iftar during Ramadan). Typically if you were to buy each item individually it would be over AED65! This offer is a complete steal 🙂

My Review

Ambiance – I would personally opt for an ‘Afternoon Tea’ outdoors, for fresh air or in a glass-wall enclosure in order to view/experience the happening city with my friends or family  Hummingbird at City Walk would be a great option but this offer is only valid in the 2 malls.

Service – Hospitality was great and the attendants are very attentive to your requests.

Whoopie Pie and Cupcake – Although the cake base was great, the icing was faaar too sweet for my liking! Considering I love desserts and I found these sweet, you may just find it sweeter. Having more than 2 bites was challenging.

Lemon Loaf – Fantastic loaf! Loved the citrus’y flavor and lemon aroma. There are soft and mushy areas of lemon between the loaf that makes it more juicy and delicious. I am not really a fan of lemon based desserts as they are typically sour and pungent; but this won my heart ❤️

Brownie – The classic brownie is one of the best brownies I have tried in Dubai! I wished it was microwaved for atleast 10 seconds before coming to table but nonetheless, it was fantastic. The brownie was moist, fudge-like and very chocolatey!  Click here to view my favorite brownies in Dubai!

Cookie – The first bite was great, but as I reached the centre it got excessively sweet! It sure is the moist kind of cookie (my favourite kind) but it was needlessly sweet.

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