G’s Bakery & Cafe



As I’m not really familiar with Jumeirah Lake Towers, with the help of Google Maps I was able to locate G’s situated at JLT (Cluster F – Promenade Level). Fortunately, parking was not a hassle as there were a lot of parking spots available for free at Cluster F.

I visited G’s for sampling their menu and I absolutely loved my experience. The bakery is beautifully designed, well organized and smells delicious! They have a lovely variety of desserts ranging from cakes, cupcakes, cronuts, brownie etc to light snacks and healthy drinks!

I tried 2 of their popular cakes (sliced) – Raspberry and Nutella, 3 mini cupcakes – Redvelvet, lemon and kitkat, 2 cronuts/dossant – Chocolate and Vanilla Custard and a Dark Hot Chocolate.

Nutella Cake – This smooth velvety cake sprinkled with golden glitter looked and tasted absolutely heavenly. The chocolate sponge was very moist, juicy, soft and felt like it was freshly made. The cake as a whole was quite filling and very chocolaty. This is one of the best Nutella Cakes I’ve had.

Raspberry Cake – The raspberry cake topped with raspberries looks appealing and tastes quite tangy. I suggest only people who like a tangy flavor in their cake opt for this one. Nonetheless, it was tasty too – but not my favourite.

Red Velvet Cupcake – The cutely decorated Redvelvet cupcake was delicious but not the best I’ve had which is from Project Cupcake. The thick icing swirled on top was creamcheese but didn’t taste much of it – if the creamcheese taste was a bit more prominent, the cupcake would’ve been perfect according to me.

Lemon Cupcake – I’ve come across many lemon cupcakes before but never tasted any until today. This cupcake looks simple, yet attractive! The cupcake was fresh, wasn’t too heavy and tasted deliciously unique. The lemon flavor in the sponge AND icing was perfect – nothing overpowering.

KitKat Cupcake – This pleasant looking cupcake topped with nanosized heart sprinkles and a kitkat was very delectable and succulent too. The sponge was baked with chocolate batter that already had crushed kitkat in it which made the cupcake tastier. Definitely goes in my list of most favourite cupcakes!

Vanilla and Chocolate Custard Cronut/Dossant – Both the cronuts were super delicious but I LOVED the Vanilla more simply for its taste. The cronuts at G’s are basically made with two cronuts sandwiching the flavoured custard. The top half of the cronut was quite hard to slice making the whole cronut fall apart, but the bottom half was okay. So I moved the top half voluntarily and had them separately. The custard that was extremely tasty, soft and made with the perfect texture – complimented perfectly with the cronut bread. Every bite would literally melt in my mouth! I could honestly have one every day! This is definitely a MUST have at G’s!

Hot Chocolate – Scouting for the Best Hot Chocolates in Dubai, this is definitely one of them! Not the very best I’ve had but absolutely very tasty. The composition of the cutely decorated hot chocolate was amazing, it was quite thick (not very diluted unlike other cafés) and was topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

Apart from the physical aspects of the restaurant – the staff at G’s are very friendly, polite and helpful and the cost of every meal/dessert/drink off their menu is pocket friendly and affordable according to me.

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