GODIVA ~ Est. in 1926


Godiva – The Cartier of chocolates!

Godiva needs no introduction! However, the logo does 😉 do you guys know the significance of the naked lady on the horse?

In the 11th century, Lady Godiva’s husband Lord Leofric was a powerful ruler who was unsympathetic to the citizens of his kingdom in England. Lady Godiva, however, was a woman of great generosity who had dedicated her life to the impoverished and stricken. When Lord Leofric imposed a heavy burden of taxation, Lady Godiva protested. In response, Lord Leofric set forth a challenge: If his wife rode naked through the streets, the taxation would be lifted. Lady Godiva was a modest woman, but she immediately agreed to help her townspeople.

On the morning of the event, the bells chimed, and Lady Godiva began her ride wrapped in nothing but her lustrous long hair. The generosity of Lady Godiva led to more generosity on the part of the townspeople. The people agreed to all close their shutters to preserve Lady Godiva’s modesty.

As promised, Lord Leofric eased his taxation of the poor and Lady Godiva’s place in history was immortalized.

Centuries later in 1926, Godiva founder and master chocolatier Joseph Draps created a new line of Belgian chocolates with extraordinary richness, premium quality, and iconic style. He sought a name for his company that embodied timeless values balanced with modern boldness – much like our lady of legend. The choice became clear: He named his company GODIVA.

Coming to what I tried at the Godiva Cafe now – located at The Beach Dubai and City Walk Dubai 😀

The summer has finally dawned upon UAE and Godiva has launch two new seasonal items;

1. The Rose & Raspberry Chocolixir [AED40] – The multi-layered and flavourful Rose & Raspberry Chocolixir is a cooling, sweet summertime treat. Crafted from creamy white Godiva chocolate, the decadent beverage is crushed with ice, drizzled with an elegant Rose & Raspberry sauce and sprinkled with crispy raspberry pieces. If you are not a fan of ‘sour’ drinks you should probably skip this.

2. The Rose & Raspberry ice cream [AED30] – Available in three delectable flavours: White Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Dark & White Chocolate Swirl; the Rose and Raspberry Ice Cream is finished with a flourish of Rose and Raspberry sauce, crunchy raspberry sprinkles and a 90th branded square of milk chocolate. Crafted from real Godiva chocolate, the smooth and rich tastes and flavours are quintessentially Godiva but with a unique and innovative twist. The ice creams are all paired with a Belgian chocolate-dipped waffle cone – with more delicate sprinkles of raspberry pieces. This was delicious! I loved the combination and the crunch from the sprinkles.

Apart from the above I could not help but devour on other treats;

1. Milk Sin Cake [AED48] – This cake is moist and is layered with rich milk chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline with crunchy feuilletine! Although the quantity is little for the price you pay, it will fill you up because of how rich it is.
2. Chocolate Lava Cake [AED48] – Easily one of the best fondants I’ve had in Dubai. Click here to see my favourites! Although it is made of 70% dark chocolate, you don’t really feel the bitterness :-O It is thick and the chocolate is not too runny.

3. Chilled Chocolixir’s [AED40] – This blended beverage is made with premium belgian chocolates and has no icecream in it. Thus, expect it to be a tad bit diluted. Taste is great but I wished it was cheaper and a bit thick in consistency.
4. Soft Icecreams [AED25 for cone and AED30 for a cup] – It’s a never ending debate on how this icecream is. According to me, it is delicious! I love how rich it is thus I don’t mind paying a heap for this premium icecream. The icecream isn’t just swirled at the top, it even makes it way to the bottom!
5. Hot Chocolate [AED40] – Again one of the best Hot Chocolates I have had in Dubai! Click here to see my favourites. This smooth and creamy hot chocolate definitely warmed my heart.
6. Chocolate Shot [AED35] – Yes.. Again! One of the best shots I’ve had. It may be a bit expensive for some, but according to me, it’s worth it! My mum and I always order two 😉 . Click here to see my favourites.

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