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Ross Hanrahan – a 24 Year Old Royal Marine Commando turned entrepreneur launches new fitness concept that is sweeping across the UAE! 

About Ross (My personal trainer)

Ross co-founded FitLifeDXB with Ben and is FitLifeDXB’s Head Trainer. He is a former British Royal Marine Commando and has served on a number of military deployments around the world. Ross’s passion for health and fitness started from an early age and he excelled at physical training before and during his time as a British Commando. Ross’s fitness philosophy is based on a balanced, sustainable, long-term approach to exercise and nutrition combined with hard work and determination! Ross holds numerous professional qualifications up to a Level 5 in Life Coaching.

About FitLifeDXB

FitLifeDXB is a ‘fitness community’ that is born out of a desire to hold the fitness training industry to a higher standard. It is fully licensed and accredited by the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare of the United Arab Emirates. All of their trainers are registers under the ‘Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)’.

By joining Ross and his crack team on the FitLifeDXB mission, clients gain access to a unique platform of benefits, including a slick Welcome Pack and exclusive discounts on meal plans, supplements and fitness apparel.  Clients are monitored monthly on their fitness levels, blood pressure, measurements, body fat and diet, with trainers providing helpful feedback and suggestions where appropriate.

It is designed for everyone! From weak bodies to fitness professionals

FitLifeDXB guarantees to treat its trainers and its clients better than anyone else in the industry. They go under the saying “Happy trainers mean happy clients”

FitLifers have access to the best trainers, most comprehensive training service, exclusive lifestyle rewards and social community available on the market.

FitLifeDXB is your partner to achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

My *honest* experience with Ross Hanrahan from FitLifeDXB

Having collaborated/worked/trained with several trainers all my life at a business and personal level, I personally thought Ross would not be any different. What made the FitLife offer attractive was honestly the fact that he was a Marine Commando! That made things very interesting 😛

Day 1 – I was mentally prepared to get wrecked and drained by the end of the session (as that’s what usually happens right?). But, things were a little different with Ross. After my first class I realised why Ross was different and why FitLifeDXB is relatively expensive;

  • During the first class, Ross studies your endurance with a series of workouts (i.e. treadmills, planks, etc).
  • After the endurance test he curates his own sets of workouts for you for the coming weeks.
  • Few classes have the capability of not making you laugh the next day (due to all the abs workouts) 😆
  • All my training sessions with other trainers ended up with me having no energy, falling asleep and mentally/physically exhausted. With Ross, the tables had turned. Although he thrashed me with every workout, I somehow felt more energetic by the end of the class. I used to always think how fitness junkies are full-of-life at the end of a workout – now I know 🙂
  • Training with Ross is fun as he does not make it seem ‘commercial (i.e. like he’s doing a ‘job’)’. He interacts with you throughout the session with a constant smile on his face.
  • Ross sometimes will act like your mother and keep tabs on what you eat and what you do throughout the week. If I don’t abide by the rules, I will have to go through a few minutes of lecture 🙁 . Week 1 was horrible as my lifestyle suddenly changed. But the following weeks were relatively easy.
  • Ross occasionally gives me ‘quotes’ that keeps me going through the day/week! 😛

Within 3 weeks Ross made me lose 3.5 kgs


1. FitLifeDXB offers several classes for literally anyone under the proof. From pregnant women, to people who want to just lose weight or fitness junkies! Each class approximately costs AED80. Click here to see the class time table and the different packages.

2. If you want to lose weight or consider yourself weak, I suggest you opt for private training classes. The starting price is AED200/hour. Click here to view the costs for 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 private training classes!

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