Elevation Burger


Elevation Burger – The worlds largest organic burger chain that has only one motto; “Live Healthy, Stay Fit”  !

On 25 May 2016, Elevation Burger organized a “live cooking” event at its Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai restaurant branch that highlighted several less known facts about them;

☘ They only use fresh USDA-Certified Organic Products even though they are in a fast casual dining environment
☘ The burger at ‘Elevation Burger’ is actually a healthier alternative
☘ None of their ingredients or meat are subjected to harmful chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics
☘ Elevation Burger’s beef comes from 100% grass-fed cattle (i.e. your great tasting meal has lesser fat and calories in comparison to grain-fed cattle)
☘ The 100% organic chicken is cage-free (i.e. the chicken is not tortured or suffocated in small cages)
Taylor Avritt – The Brand Ambassador of Elevation Burger guided us through the kitchen showcasing the meals being prepared by order only. None of the burgers are pre-made.
☘ All of these burgers come with a potato bun that is made of wheat flour, farm fresh vegetables and organic eggs
☘ They recycle waste including the olive oil used to cook their fries.
☘ By indulging in Elevation Burgers meals you are even supporting a ‘sustainable environment’.

What I tried;

1. BBQ Bacon Cheddar with organic Beef Batty [AED39] – constituted of 2 slices of cheddar cheese, caramalized onions, mayo and BBQ Sauce. Astonishing that this burger was ‘healthy’ as it was super succulent and it was bursting with flavor. The combination of ingredients was fantastic! 

2. Buffalo Cheddar with organic chicken breast tenderloins [AED32] – I only wished the burger was more juicy or saucy and the buffalo sauce and cheddar was smothered over the chicken evenly. The sections that had the sauce was delish! 

3. Juicy Chicken Lettuce Wrap [AED32] – These wraps are basically your ordinary burgers wrapped in lettuce instead of buns! Aesthetically it looked odd as it only looks green, but it does taste pretty good. You will need a couple of napkins to wipe your way through this one though 😉 

4. Fiery Fries [AED30] – These fries are topped with minced organic beef, melted cheddar, house sauce, jalapenos and caramelized onions. You will find the cheddar cheese only at the top. Tossing the fries in the paper container in order to smear the cheese evenly is not possible as it semi-hardens by the time it reaches your table. The cheese solidifies quickly as it is organic and has no agents to keep it in its loose form (that could be one drawback or advantage?). The top half of the fries were delicious but the bottom were plain naturally. I wished these fries came with a ‘chicken’ option too 

5. Shake and Malt [AED25] – Seriously one of the BEST Shakes I have had. I have even added it into my list of “Best Shakes in Dubai” since it is so addictive in taste. Read more about the shake by clicking on the link and reading Point 3.

6. Vertigo Burger [starts at AED45]– If you are rebellious enough (I was not), try this burger and dare yourself to stack up to TEN organic burger patty’s [AED10 for an extra patty]. Get em loaded with cheese and you should probably order a diet coke at the side to assist in digestion? 

Click here to view the calorie count of each dish.

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