Dum Dum Donutterie ~ World’s Best Donuts


Dum Dum Doughnuts is the world’s first artisan baked donut/croissant brand.

Paul Hurley’s Donuts has half the fat in comparison to a regular donut and has no calories in between (since it has a hole HAHA 😆 )

It is a British Doughnut brand famed for creating the best doughnuts in the WORLD!! It was created in London by the amazing Paul Hurley. Dum Dum is dubbed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of baked artisan doughnuts by Forbes Magazine!!

A lil’ bout dem’ Donuts ♥

DID YOU KNOW?! ALL DONUTS ARE FRIED. Yes. They’re fluffy & juicy. BUT – they’re all fried. Since 1997 Paul Hurley aka ‘The Donut guy’ made it his life-goal to get ’em donuts Baked in order to make you feel less guilty 😎 😆 . His smartly-curated donuts is low in calories and has as little as 6 grams of fat per donut. Inspite of the methodology or change in ingredients, Dum Dum Donuts still manages to be light, fluffy, scrumptious and delicious!!

Back in UK (and here too) – the Donuts are freshly baked everyday. When the batch is over a “sold-out” sign goes up on the door until another batch is made the following day or same day (depending on the time). There are NO PRESERVATIVES in his donuts. Thus would be great if we stuff our faces with em doughs immediately 😉

Paul Hurley has created three types of Donuts;

1. The Dough’s [AED16/25]- Medium sized Cream filled baked donuts (without a hole).

2. The Cro’s [AED22/35] – Medium sized Cream filled baked croissant + donut with several Layers (with a hole).

3. Giant Donuts – He has even created Gigantic cake sized Cro’s!! Leave ’em cakes and buy ’em cro’s 😆 ! It costs AED199 for an 8 inch cro and AED299 for a 10 inch cro 😯

N’s Review


1. Peanut Butter Jelly – I loved the peanut butter coating and crumbles but filling, not that much.

2. Chocolate Cream – Baked dough filled with chocolate cream and topped with velvety chocolate. Loved this one! The filling was very light and not too sweet.

3. Coconut Dough – It’s a dough topped with chocolate and coconut flakes and filled with white chocolate. For people who love that combo, this is for you 😉

4. Snow Globe – This was my favourite and is fast selling in Dubai. This very light dough is filled with not-too-heavy cream and is topped with coconut flakes.


1. Yum Yum – This Cro was indeed Yum in my Tum 😆 . The exterior is like a puff pastry and is filled with amazing Dulce de Leche cream.

2. Dum Dum Dubai – THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!! This cro is filled Karak Chai cream filling, glazed with rose water and topped with ground pistachio and a dash of cinnamon. If this isn’t Donut heaven. I DONUT KNO WAT IZ!! 🙄

3. The Zebra (most popular seller in UK) – This several layered Cro is FILLED… by filled I mean LITERALLY excessively FILLED with Chocolate. Even your fork n’ knife wouldn’t be able to hold ol’ dat ooze!! Surprisingly, this delicacy isn’t too sweet. It looks like it would give you diabetes in 3 seconds but it won’t 😆 . Chocolate lovers; how can you not go for this?!

N’s Drink;

Iced Karak Coffee [AED18+2] – THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!! Leave em ol’ cappuccinos aside Ladies & Gents. This revolutionary drink invented by Paul Hurley *DUH* is absolutely Insane.. I mean it. It somehow has the bitterness of Coffee and sweetness of Karak Chai. Your first sip you’ll taste coffee; after a few seconds, especially after you swallow the drink, you taste Karak. How cool right? *SparkingTheLittleChildInMe* 😳 😛

Pictures from N’s Instagram :-);

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