Classport ~ lose weight with an app!


At Classport you can have your pick and go for unlimited fun fitness classes from over 40 studios for only AED339 per month. Additionally, Classport adds new studios and classes every week!

CLASSPORT is a newly launched application that gives users the ability to access hundreds of boutique fitness studios and gyms in the Middle East by paying a monthly fee. Upon registration, members can take advantage of unlimited number of fitness classes every month at different studios – all with one membership.

CLASSPORT is currently only in Dubai but will soon be available across the Middle East and more 😉 ! The plus point? If you are travelling or on a vacation, CLASSPORT will always be by your side to help you remain fit in any city.

A couple of fitness partners within the application are – 136.1 Yoga Studio, Against GraviTi, Breakwater Wellness, Corefit, Concept Yoga, Exhale, Fitness HQ, Flowground, Flywheel, Urban Yoga, Boxing, Piloga, Pride Fitness, Reebok Life Spark, Rawr Yoga, Soupless Cycle, Sports Mania, The Warehouse Gym, Waly Fitness, Yoga Ashram, and more.

Terms & Conditions of Classport

1. You can reserve only 3 classes in your account at any given time. You can either attend the class or cancel a reservation (12 hours in advance) in order to book another class!
2. You can use only 3 classes at a particular studio in your monthly membership cycle.
3. Payment has to be done in advance

Classport Advantages

Exclusive class @Classport

Fly Wheel Dubai (not an easy class) – At Fly Wheel you spin/cycle in a pitch dark chilled room that is blasting with music for 45 minutes straight! I had a 2 day streak that further made my butt feel numb. When a beginner goes spinning for that long, the pain is bound to occur and is termed as “Saddle Sore”. Click here to read some tips on how to avoid it and click here to know why should go for Fly Wheel! Each class at Flywheel is AED120, but if you use Classport, you can get 3 within the AED339 you pay for your membership 😉 . Click here to buy a Flywheel class or buy a pack (PS: your first class is free 😉 )

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