Busaba EaThai

‘Busaba’ is a Thai flower. ‘Eathai’ is a fusion of the words eat and Thai. Differing from formal dining establishments – Eathai represents a Thai casual dining venue, offering a one-course dining experience devised to feed you with minimal fuss.

~ By Sheetal Bhagnari – Guest Reviewer

The ‘attention to detail’ portrayed at Busaba EaThai their attention to detail was prominent – from the modern, yet ethnic interior, to the handmade vintage looking cutlery, to the beautiful dishes the food was served in – heck, even their tissue papers were thick, soft, and luxurious-feeling!
Their service at this restaurant was nothing less than phenomenal too – the staff were very competent and knew their way around the menu very well. One of my pet peeves is when restaurant staff don’t seem to be familiar with the food and the customers’ ordering trends; but the Busaba staff who attended to our table had utmost knowledge about every dish 🙂

What we had:

1. Grapefruit Mojito – AED 28
2. Chantara Cooler – AED 28
It was suuuuper hot in the afternoon when we visited Busaba, so the drinks were EXACTLY what we needed. They were refreshing, fresh, and DELICIOUS. Definitely if the weather isn’t pleasant, atleast your drinks will be 😉

1. Going Thod – Breaded Prawns with Chilli Lime Sauce – AED 39 – The prawns were very well prepared with muted flavors. The accompanying sauce is tangy, spicy, and a whole lotta good – and makes the prawns very tasty. Even if you’re not a sea-food lover, the prawns are really good.
2. Par-pia Jay – Veg Spring Rolls – AED 28 – Spring rolls to me are a guaranteed ‘safe’ order. These were crispy, and average. They came with a side sauce that didn’t really elevate the spring rolls in any way. Its a very safe, but ok order.
3. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce – AED 35 – This was again, very safe and ok tasting. Order it if you like familiar, traditional flavors.
4. Thai Calamari – AED 41 – This was made with a pepper ginger sauce. The calamari was very fresh and unique – not your usual breaded deep-fried rings. The mixture of textures and flavors made this dish just delightful. We could easily see why it is one of their best selling starters at Busaba. The portion size was very good. 2-3 people could enjoy it.

1. Chill Beef Rice – AED 63 – The menu says it, and the staff warned us – this dish is SPICY! Eat if you’re brave enough to endure intense spices. Even my spice-loving pallette could only do 2-3 bites of this dish. This dish is a mixture of spicy and a hint of sweet.
2. Green Chicken Curry – AED 61 – In a nutshell, I’ve had better green curries in Dubai. The flavors of the chicken curry were fine, and the curry is thick, but the texture was a little gritty. My favorite green chicken curry is from Lemongrass, and this one didn’t make me want to switch over just yet.
3. Ginger Beef Stir Fry – AED 59 – This was presented well, and the ingredients were fresh, but the flavors of the dish didn’t seem to mesh too well with each other. Each individual ingredient tasted like itself – and when thrown together, the ingredients didn’t feel like they combined into a better dish.
4. Railway Fried Rice – AED 60 – This was just amazing. The flavors worked well together, and the dish tasted familiar, yet different enough to make me want to come back and have this over and over again. It was served with a vinegar sauce on the side. Without the vinegar, this dish was yum, with the vinegar the dish was yummmmm. In fact, I want this dish RIGHT NOW, as I’m writing this review! This one is a must-order at Busaba.

1. Mango Sticky Rice – AED 35 – Since its mango season, we thought this was a no-brainer order. While the mango was brilliant, the sticky rice was just fine.
2. Ginger-Kaffir Lime Brûlée – AED 35 – This dessert was amazing. The sugar was well caramelized, with a tiny hit of bitterness, which was perfect; and the cream was a wonderful balance of ginger, kaffir lime, and creaminess. It tasted familiar, and yet unique. A great take on a classic creme brûlée.

*Featured Image by DesignMyNight

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