Brownie Point


“Luxury desserts starting at AED8”

4 years ago I told myself I will never go to Brownie Point again because of the bad experiences I’ve had. This ideology would have never changed if I did not get invited by the owner back to Brownie Point for a full fledged tasting session.
On my way to Brownie Point I questioned myself “How much can a cake-ry possibly change?” “Is this worth it?” “Would it actually knock ME off my feet (considering how many cakes I’ve had since birth)?”. To cut the chase;

Upon entering Brownie Point my jaw may have gotten lost by seeing how much they have refurbished just the inside of the bakery. It is far more spacious, you have more air to breathe (in comparison to how it was before), it is vibrant and has a spectacular variety of “DESSERTS”. I am specifically mentioning “desserts” as they have not just stuck to baking ordinary CAKES, they have over 3 varieties of baked AND frozen cheesecakes that includes red velvet and the classic New-York style cheesecake, they have macarons, a fantastic variety of eggless cakes and even gourmet looking classy pastries that are ALL at a very very affordable price.

Not only is each section organized they even have two types of cake shapes (that I found quite nice) – square cakes are eggless whereas circular cakes have egg!

What N had;

BROWNIES (HEAT THEM for 10 seconds before you indulge)

1. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie [AED12] – I loved this brownie way too much! It was super rich, had the taste of cheesecake whereas the after taste was of a brownie and the texture was fab! I would have loved it even more if it did not have walnuts. But my mum and a lot of people love em with nuts.
2. Galaxy Brownie – Getting a block of luxury for AED12 is something you may only dream of. Never have I tasted such an amazing brownie that is so cheap! I’d empty my pockets everyday if I were skinny. Best part? Each block of brownie is PERFECTLY sized unlike other places that give you a chick pea and charge at a gold rate price for the day. Please have this? I have drool all over my keyboard.
3. Classic Brownie [AED8] – Although this was great too I found it too plain after indulging in the above. Who can blame me? I am a very spoilt girl.


1. Pistachio and Saffron Cake (Eggless) [AED15 for a slice and AED130/kg] – EGGLESS! AND THIS GOOD?! Just how tinker bell sprinkles her magic fairy dust everywhere, my dady does that with saffron. I loveee saffron!! The combination of saffron and pistachio was quite deadly to me. It was suppperrrrrrr moist and out-of-the-world juicy!
2. Chocolate Tiramisu [AED12] – If you’re a fan of both this one’s for you. The first bite you will taste only chocolate and the aftermath is a burst of coffee! This cake is more cream based than cake based and the taste of the coffee is strong enough to overcome the taste of the chocolate
3. Nutella Cheesecake [AED15] – Although the cheesecake was great the Nutella flavor was not delivered. I spoke to the owner and he’s working on this.
5. Brownie Cheesecake (eggless) [AED15] – The areas where the brownie chunks were there, the cake was my personal chocolate heaven. I asked the owner to ask the chef to put more chunks into it to make your experience even more better 😉

BEST I’VE HAD (the items that were one of the best I’ve had in Dubai)

1. Pistachio and Chocolate Macarons [AED6 each] – This my friends, was insane.. A macaron is so brittle that when you bite into it, it should immediately crumble. The filling and the macaron biscuit should be ONE entity. If you feel either is hard it ain’t a good one. Try it out and feel it for yourself. These were fantastic! Getting french perfection isn’t that easy and Brownie Point aced it.
2. Red Velvet Cheesecake (with egg) [AED15] – I always judge a bakery by the Red Velvet they make. This took me to cloud 9! Red velvet isn’t a red stained vanilla cake! It is a concoction of so many ingredients that are so hard to get right. The original recipe includes beet extract, cocoa, bit of vinegar so on and so forth.
3. New-York style baked cheesecake [AED15] – We all know Brownie Point is an Indian based restaurant. To recreate a New York style cheesecake is NOT a walk in the park. These guys… aced it once again.
4. The Brownies

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