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Brownie Blues – Dubai’s Favourite Brownies!

Whoever hasn’t yet heard or tried the brownies from Brownie Blues has to try it ASAP. Along with scouting for the best hot chocolates in Dubai, I have also been on a look out for the best baked brownies! Tried from several places but all seemed way too ordinary until I tried these BLOCKS OF HEAVEN!

Brownie Blues is a quintessential store located in Jumeirah Plaza – with the help of Google Maps/RTA Drive I was able to locate this place effortlessly. I felt nothing less than a celebrity as I stepped into Brownie Blues! I was greeted with huge smiles and a cheerful “Hiii Ma’am” by the 3 adorable ladies working at the store.

The first time I visited Brownie Blues is when I had to collect a box of 12 brownies I won recently from a competition I participated in. I had the liberty to choose 12 brownies of my choice. The only constraint was I could choose only 4 out of 10 flavours available for a box of 12!

The other restriction you may face is having to try a mini slice of the brownie before you actually buy them. Most of the time they run out of samples – you can’t really blame then can you?

Keeping the drawbacks aside, the brownies are EXTREMELY delicious. Every block is absolutely heavenly. The brownie is very fudgy, thick and moist (especially if you microwave it for 10-20 seconds before indulging in them). The taste is quite addictive and it gets to you, I honestly just kept wanting for more! My favourite was the Classic and the Red Velvet Brownie. Both were very very tasty!
Although the Oreo and Ferrero Brownies were delicious, the taste of Oreos and Ferreros was not very prominent in the Brownie.

Coming to the packaging – It is done with PERFECTION. Every crease made is so neat and the final product is flawless. I loved their concept of having stickers for various occasions, small cue cards describing each brownie alongwith basic instructions, their quotes on the bag and finally a ribbon bow (colour of your choice)!

It’s not only me who loves them, Khaleej Times have given them a shoutout too! Click here to view it 😆

Last but not least – the cost: Each brownie would cost you AED20. Wee bit pricey according to me for the Quantity but on the other hand for some reason I even feel it’s worth it for the Quality delivered to the customer!

Highly recommend this place for cheat days, happy/sad days and as gifts! 🙂

Place your orders online NOW by clicking here 👿

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