BouBouffe ~ Est. 1976


Born in Beirut’s charming Achrafieh district in 1976, BouBouffe is a Lebanese Brasserie known for its deliciously addictive home-cooked daily dishes, charcoal grilled Chawarma, authentic Lebanese dishes, and more. It stepped into the UAE market in 2015 at Yas Mall and has now opened in Dubai. Good news: BouBouffee is set to open 4 more branches in UAE within the next 2 years.

BouBouffe (pronounced as “Boo-Boo-F”) is one of the trendiest yet cozy Lebanese restaurant I have ever come across. The open kitchen, classy decors and kind attendants transports guests to Beirut. The restaurant is open 24×7 and offers breakfast to dinner options in their menu. With 40 years of experience, BouBouffee is proud to boast about their delicious yet healthy dishes that is made with the finest and high-quality ingredients. Although located at a convenient, prime, yet busiest spot on Sheikh Zayed Road, finding parking in this area can be a pain at peak hours!

After a moderately long walk in 45’C the Rose [AED21] and Minted Lemonade [AED22] came to our rescue. Although the Rose drink was slightly on the sweeter end, I loved it!

Lavina and I then ordered a Hommos Beyrouthy [AED23] that was accompanied with crispy and soft khubus. Although I wished it was a bit spicier, I did get addicted to this cold mezze and wiped the bowl clean 🙂 We then moved on to ordering a plate of Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings [AED33] that felt very healthy (as it was cooked in less oil) and tasted more or less like the Boneless Chicken [AED69 with fries] we ordered later. Although they both tasted great I wished they both tasted different.

Followed by my comment; the kind attendant brought us the Fried Chicken Wings with Provencal [AED33] that tasted far FAR better! Provencal is a great sauce that compliments the chicken. It is a bit on the sour end and has a spiced lemon zest but Lavina and I LOVED that!

If you’re running out of time and want to just grab a bite, do try the Chicken Chawarma [AED18]. It is not overloaded or dripping with sauces, thus it would not be your ordinary ‘unhealthy and indulgent shawerma’. At BouBouffe – the ‘chawarmas’ are delicious, charcoal grilled, yet juicy and are super lite (I may be wrong, but it felt like it had 0gms of oil) 😀

How could I possibly leave BouBouffe without having their desserts?! I did have the potential to order all but Lavina and I concluded on 3 🙁

1. Halawet el Jeben [AED26] – A light and creamy sweet cheese roll with the softest exterior. It has a hint of rose and should be topped with sugar syrup. This was phenomenal and is one of my favourite arabic sweets.
2. Achta Icecream [AED12] – The composure and texture of the icecream is semi-thick and stretchy. The Achta has a flavor on it’s own and with the ground pistachio; this icecream was a huge tick in the box. We devoured on this icecream until the last drop 🙂
3. Achtalieh BouBouffe [AED26] – A cream pudding that constitutes of pistachio and rose water, with a tinge of mastik. Our first bite was disappointing as it tasted quite bland and had a sour/bitter taste to it. We then came to know that we had to pour sugar syrup on top of it before consumption. It tasted great then 😉

To conclude: BouBouffe is worth a shot!!

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