Bean There Bistro


Currently one of my favourite café’s in town. To summarise the review below – ‘Bean There Bistro’ is pocket friendly, has great quality food, alcohol, sheesha and a concise menu.


Bean There Bistro is the latest addition to Abela & Co’s retail portfolio, which already includes several international and home grown brands. This new concept is the company’s first in the trendy upscale dining segment, which sets itself to target patrons from dawn till dusk and a bit longer. The restaurant is a fine/casual dining contemporary set up, located in the new wing of Millennium Airport Hotel, one of Dubai’s most iconic and recognized landmarks.

Interiors and Vibe

The restaurant’s design was a labour of love and passion, with a strong desire to create something unique to Dubai’s growing chic and hip restaurant sector and to visually whet the appetite of customers, even before the food is ordered. All the credits goes to Hiba Zarour – Creative Director at H&H Investment & Development.

One of the unique design elements is the Green wall, which is set with natural foliage, designed to reflect freshness to the eyes and sooth the visceral. The plants don’t need to be watered as it’s automatically done with the tank underneath. Another unique element of the restaurant is the 5 metre long bar counter top, which is 10 centimetre thick and was custom made from a single wood piece (imported from Indonesia) and hand carved into perfection. This stunning earth tone finish complements the rest of the arts and deco’s, especially the ceiling decor that is made with wood too. The music that plays in the background sets the right energy and mood. The playlist consists of the latest tracks that will definitely heighten any diners mood 😉 . Moreover, the playlist changes depending on the time of day and the crowd present at the restaurant at that point of time. In the afternoon it’s more RnB and by night it’s more soothing.

The Menu

The menu offers a wide variety to choose from – ranging from breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, exotic salads, and pastas, small platters, tantalizing main courses, hot and cold beverages and mouthwatering desserts. The restaurant has as an alfresco dining setting that includes a sheesha area, where you could sit and enjoy the atmosphere, company and the exceptional service till the early hours of the morning (they don’t have home delivery yet).

What I tried;

1. Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls [AED28] – Shredded medium spiced buffalo chicken spring rolls with blue cheese dressing. Apart from the dressing, I loved the spring rolls!
2. Quinoa & French Lentil Salad [AED38] – One of the best salads I’ve had! It has a sour punch which I oddly loved. It consists of ingredients like carrots, dried berries and chopped spinach.
3. Linguine Alfredo [AED38] – Who could possibly go wrong with this one? Although it was tasty, it was super heavy #NotComplaining
4. Granola Parfait [AED32] – If only low-fat yogurt could actually lower your fat right? I hate bananas from the bottom of my heart, thus, the parfait I opted for only had berries and yum-in-my-tum lowfat vanilla yogurt!
5. Chocolate Mousse Cup [AED22] – This rich creamy dark chocolate mousse had the most perfect finishing – a very light orange zest. The consistency was thicker than usual which I loved! Have it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, you won’t regret it 😉
6. Red Velvet Cake [AED26] – It was a delicious cake but I would not classify it as a ‘Red Velvet’ cake since it tasted a lot like a Vanilla cake.


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